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Glass Backsplashes: A Sleek and Stylish Addition to Your Kitchen

Glass Backsplashes

Backsplashes add style, interest and personality to a kitchen. They’re usually made of ceramic tile, metal, porcelain or stone. Have you ever considered the show-stopping appeal of a glass backsplash? Tile and/or sheet glass update and freshen a room, giving a whole new look and feel to the space. The following are some reasons to consider a glass backsplash for your kitchen.

  • Aesthetic appeal: The unique elegance of glass adds a wow factor to any room. Its reflective nature elevates the kitchen, making it appear brighter and larger. With a variety of colour palettes to choose from, it can seamlessly integrate into any kitchen style. A glass backsplash is a sleek, stylish work of art!
  • Versatile: Glass tiles come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours allowing you to achieve an assortment of looks and customize your backsplash to your unique needs and design. Choose your favourite colour and/or personalize a sheet glass backsplash with photo effects. Enhance your design with some LED lights! Glass can be combined with other materials (metal, stone) to create a unique, one-of-a-kind look for your kitchen.
  • Reflects light: A glass backsplash naturally reflects and refracts light adding depth and interest to your walls and making your space feel open, bright and airy. It prevents the formation of shadows making your room easier to use. Best of all, glass won’t darken with age and/or use.  
  • Eco-friendly: Glass has insulating properties helping your kitchen stay warm in winter and cool in summer while reducing your energy bill. Glass tiles take ½ the energy of ceramic to produce and can be made of recycled materials. Sheet glass and glass tile are 100% recyclable at the end of their lifespan. 
  • Easy to clean: Glass is a non-porous material making it resistant to stains. Fingerprints, splatters and water spots are easily wiped away with warm soapy water and a cloth. Add DFI coating to make your glass backsplash even easier to clean. 
  • Hygienic: Most backsplash materials have seams and crevices that provide the ideal location for mould, mildew, and bacteria to grow. Glass is impermeable making it mildew and mould resistant. It doesn’t harbour germs and/or bacteria that could endanger your family. 
  • Ease of installation: Glass can be applied on any flat surface and no demolition is required!
  • Moisture-resistant: When selecting materials for your kitchen, it’s important to incorporate non-porous, moisture-resistant options to ensure they remain looking good for years. Glass is impervious to water and won’t become misshapen, buckled or warped from excessive moisture in your kitchen.
  • Heat resistant:  A glass backsplash will not fade, crack or warp even when exposed to the extreme heat of your stove.
  • Cost-effective: Though the initial cost of a glass backsplash may be greater than a conventional one, the strong and durable nature of glass means you won’t need to replace it for many years. Conventional backsplash materials (ceramic, porcelain, stone) require regular re-grouting and eventually retiling to continue looking good.
  • Durable: Glass may seem fragile but it is heat, fire and water resistant making it an ideal option for your home. Glass, typically, will not crack, or change shape or colour.

Whether you’re designing a new kitchen or renovating an existing one, glass tile and sheet glass are great backsplash options for your home. They’re heat resistant, easy to clean, hygienic, eco-friendly, versatile and add shimmer and sparkle to your space! Consider glass for your kitchen backsplash! 

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