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What is DFI Coating and Why do I Need it?

What is DFI Coating and Why do I Need it? - House of Mirrors - Mirrors and Glass Calgary - Featured Image

Glass is an ancient material. The history of glass making dates back 3600 years! Since its invention, we have continued to learn new ways to improve and perfect this versatile medium. One of the best and latest technologies is DFI coating (Diamond-Fusion coating).

What is DFI Coating? 

Diamond-Fusion coating is a transparent protective coating that transforms glass into a high-performing, water repellent surface. 

Why do I need DFI coating? 

The surface of glass is covered with microscopic peaks and valleys. Water molecules cling to these surfaces leaving behind minerals and soap scump resulting in stains and corrosion. DFI coating fills these microscopic nooks and crannies with an invisible barrier. Water then forms perfect droplets on the coating and can be easily wiped away, reducing the frequency and difficulty of cleaning. Diamond-Fusion coating increases brilliance, protects the glass, creates a more hygienic surface, eliminates the need for harsh and harmful cleaning chemicals and makes the glass more scratch and impact resistant. On top of all this, DFI has no cure time so glass can be handled and used immediately. 

What can DFI coating be applied to?

Diamond-Fusion coating can be applied to a wide array of glass surfaces such as:

  • Shower enclosures
  • Residential glass (windows, glass railings, art glass, tabletops, glass backsplashes, pool fencing, etc.)
  • Commercial glass (exterior glazing, office walls, storefront entrances, etc.)
  • Windshields (autos, RVs, commercial)
  • Solar panels

Is DFI eco-friendly?

Yes! DFI Coating eliminates the need for harsh chemical cleaners. Cleanup can be done with water and a soft cloth. It also reduces the growth of mould and harmful bacteria resulting in a healthier indoor environment. Diamond-Fusion coating protects exterior windows and walls from etching preventing costly replacement and keeping material out of the landfill. 

Does DFI really make cleaning easier?

Though there is always some maintenance necessary to care for your glass, DFI coating reduces cleaning time by up to 90%! This nano-coating makes glass so smooth, there is nowhere for the water to cling or minerals and soap scum to collect. Cleaning is reduced in frequency and made fast and easy. There is no need for harsh cleaners. 

Does DFI have a warranty or guarantee? 

Diamond-Fusion coating comes with a lifetime warranty on residential surfaces and a 15-year warranty on commercial exterior glazing. DFI is guaranteed not to discolour, chip, crack, haze or peel. 

DFI is a protective coating that makes cleaning glass surfaces easier. Diamond-Fusion coating increases brilliance, protects glass, creates a more hygienic surface, eliminates the need for harsh cleaners and makes glass more scratch and impact resistant. Consider DFI for your home’s glass surfaces. 

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