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Glass Shower Doors vs. Traditional Shower Curtains

Glass Shower Doors vs. Traditional Shower Curtains

While you might prefer a glass shower door over a traditional shower curtain simply for the sake of its appearance, there are certainly other factors to consider. If you’re thinking about having a custom glass shower door installed, you should know how glass stacks up against the more traditional option.

Your choice of a glass door or a curtain can have an effect on the function, as well as the overall feel, of your bathroom. When making your choice, you should be sure to weigh your personal maintenance preferences, ideal budget, and long-term plan for your bathroom as a whole.


When it comes to maintaining a certain level of privacy when you’re in the bathtub or shower, dark shower curtains will certainly provide more cover than a see-through glass shower door. That being said, custom glass can be designed with an opaque finish to provide an extra degree of personal privacy.


In this area, traditional shower curtains usually require more regular attention than glass shower doors. Shower curtains tend to accumulate mold and mildew much more easily than glass, and it’s important to scrub them regularly to prevent this accumulation from taking place.

Glass shower doors, while still requiring a degree of maintenance, will last much longer if the owner is careful to squeegee all water off the doors at the conclusion of each use. Instead of scrubbing a mold-stained shower curtain with heavy duty cleaner, you’ll simply need to be diligent about a 30-second squeegee each time you exit the shower.

Water Damage

Unfortunately, shower curtains frequently fail to keep water from your shower where it’s supposed to be: inside the tub. Excess water leaking out of your shower can quickly become a problem that will affect much more than just your shower itself. Glass shower doors are generally much more effective when it comes to keeping water inside your shower, where it should be.


Because glass shower doors are manufactured exclusively from tempered or laminated glass, they are capable of lasting for many years with very little attention or worry necessary on your part. A prior application of protective coating to your glass shower doors can even increase its’ longevity.

Glass shower doors, if cared for properly, are typically a one-time investment. This is in contrast to the recurring expense required to continuously replace old, torn shower curtains. All in all, glass shower doors are much more durable and long lasting than traditional shower curtains.

Invest in Quality

At House of Mirrors, we provide custom glass solutions for all areas of the home, but we specialize in creating personal designs for beautiful glass shower doors. We work with only the best glass providers throughout Canada.

If you’ve been frustrated with the upkeep of your traditional shower curtain for some time, you’re ready to make the change to a glass shower door, and you wish to speak with one of our representatives about your glass needs, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-403-253-3777 today!