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Take Some of the Risks Out of Life With Safety Glass

Did you know that the glass in your windshield and car windows isn’t the same as a lot of other types of glass you might see? For a lot of people, the differences are invisible, but they’ll be glad to know of them in the event of an emergency. Why? Because your auto manufacturer didn’t just use any piece of glass on your car or truck, they went with safety glass.

The two most common types of safety glass are laminated and tempered. Laminated, which usually features a thin strip of vinyl running between two layers, can be cracked but won’t break, which is why it’s popular for windshields. Tempered, on the other hand, won’t break into dangerous shards, but shatters into small pieces, which is why drivers and passenger side windows have a tendency to “explode,” rather than cause deep cuts.

Given that House of Mirrors doesn’t sell or repair cars, why are we bothering to tell you about safety glass? Because it’s often important to comply with local building codes… and even when it isn’t, using safety glass can be a great idea.

There are any number of glass objects in your home – like a glass shower door, glass tabletop, or glass handrail – that would be potentially dangerous if made from the wrong kinds of materials. In most cases, the law designates certain types of glass as being necessary; other times, it might just be a case of good old common sense. In many cases, safety glass doesn’t even cost much more than other types of glass, so using it in your home is an easy decision.

At House of Mirrors, we have worked with builders, architects, interior designers, and even do it yourself homeowners just like you for more than two decades. So, if you’re wondering whether safety glass could help you sleep just a little bit easier – or wondering whether you need a piece that’s laminated, tempered, or both – don’t hesitate to stop in and ask a few questions. We will be happy to give you answers, and show you all of your options.

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Written by Greg Dunn. Visit Greg on Google+