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Gridline Trends in Glass Shower Doors & Partitions

Gridline Trends in Glass Shower Doors & Partitions - House of Mirrors - Mirrors and Glass Calgary - Featured Image

While sleek, frameless glass shower doors continue to dominate across Canada, we’ve recently seen some more pushback against this minimalist trend. In particular, gridlines or grid style glass is an increasingly popular option. Offering a refreshing, industrial sensibility, the factory window look perfectly complements subway tile and other simple ceramic tiles. 


A Striking Focal Point.

Frameless glass shower doors are all about intentional minimalism, and they seemingly melt into your bathroom, offering a sense of increased space and lightness; grid style shower doors, on the other hand, demand attention. Whether you adore or detest this new trend in designer bathrooms, one thing that cannot be argued is that gridlines have a bold presence which frameless glass shower doors simply can’t compete with. 


Grid Style Outside of the Bathroom.

Shower doors aren’t the only place Calgary homeowners and designers are incorporating the factory window look. As room dividers, grid style glass partitions enhance the beauty of any space with a look that precisely balances contemporary and classic styles. Without sacrificing natural light, these partitions create an elegant division between spaces. They can be used to partition an office area from a bedroom or living room, section off different pseudo-rooms within a loft, and more. Grid style glass partitions are versatile and create a stunning focal point that adds a decorative touch to your home regardless of where they’re used.


Easy to Clean.

There are a variety of grindline glass shower doors and partitions available. Some offer small, individual glass panes set within a metal frame while others achieve the factory window look with matte black cladding placed over a single pane of clear glass. We prefer the latter, as it provides a seamless, single surface inside of the shower which is as easy to clean as a frameless shower door. 


At House of Mirrors and Glass, our team is always excited to see what trends and styles are becoming popular with Calgary homeowners and designers. We’re here to ensure Calgarians have affordable access to the highest quality glass products and architectural glass elements. To see the latest in designer glass products, visit our showroom or contact our professions today.