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How Frameless Shower Doors can Modernize your Bathroom

How Frameless Shower Doors can Modernize your Bathroom - House of Mirrors - Mirrors and Glass Calgary

When we hear from Calgary homeowners and interior designers that they’re working on modernizing a bathroom, we get really excited. There are so many fabulous ways to update an old style! A new mirror above the vanity, sleek glass countertops, glass backsplashes, and more are all great options, but our favourite update has to be frameless shower doors.


Custom Made for Your Bathroom.

The predecessor of frameless shower doors required a full metal frame that held the glass. These framed shower doors were only available in standard sizes, which could make it difficult to create the look you wanted. Frameless shower doors take a less-is-more approach. Because the hardware is so minimal, the sheet of glass is custom cut to perfectly fit your shower, and they offer a sleek modern feel to your bathroom.


Low Maintenance Elegance.

If there’s one thing all Calgarians can agree on, it’s that less house work is better. With frameless shower doors, there’s no metal frame to corrode and rust, nor any annoying nooks or crannies for mould to grow in. All you need to do is squeegee the water off the pane of glass after showering, and maybe wipe it down with some windex every once in awhile. That’s it!


Net-Neutral Cost.

One of the commonly stated downsides of frameless shower doors is the price, but when you look at the big picture, is that really the case? Homeownership.ca lists bathrooms as one of the most important rooms in your home in terms of valuation. In their article on the top 5 renovations for boosting home value, they even mention glass shower doors specifically as a great option. Their timeless minimalism and ability to make your bathroom look larger and brighter is great for boosting the value of your home far beyond what you pay for the frameless shower door.


Whether you’re updating your bathroom for your own enjoyment or to help your house sell on the market, frameless shower doors are an obvious choice. Talk with the experts at House of Mirrors and Glass today to get started!