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Hidden Television Mirrors

Hidden Television Mirrors - House of Mirrors - Mirror Televisions Calgary

We can’t think of anything more luxurious than having a TV screen that appears out of nowhere. Astound your guests with this jaw-dropping addition to your home.

News Junkie?

Do you like to stay connected to the goings on of the world, even while you cook or eat breakfast? Then these televisions are perfect. At the push of a button, they transform from a decorative mirror to a TV screen, so you don’t have to compromise your room’s aesthetic for functionality.

Mirror Televisions are custom designed by us to fit the space you desire it in. The frame of the “mirror” will be just as much a part of your home as any other piece of décor. We have over 100 different frame styles to choose from, from antique to minimalist modern design.

TV in the Tub?

Yes, you can even have a TV in a space where condensation develops. For a seamless visual, the television can be completely recessed into the wall. This allows the TV to stay protected while you splash in a tub, or go through your morning routine.

No longer for the likes of MTV Cribs or Bond Villains, this techy innovation can be yours. Make your wildest dream your new reality by getting a hidden television for your home. Call our Calgary showroom today at 403-253-3777.