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Flux Glass in Calgary

Flux Glass - House of Mirrors - Flux Glass Calgary

At House of Mirrors, we’re always looking for the next vehicle that integrates art and practicality into your space. Flux Glass is the perfect candidate. They’re an Albertan company that creates kiln-formed structural glass art that can be displayed architecturally or as stand-alone pieces.

Playful with Light – Why should you consider flux glass instead of a solid wall partition? The same reason you should decorate your space at all: Because it’s beautiful! Besides the playful colours, Flux Glass also allows your home to be more filled with light as it bounces rays from windows or light fixtures around your space more. Living in Calgary, we could all use a boost of Vitamin D from the sun when we can get it.

The Translucent Quality of the pieces not only allow for more sun around the room – they also make it feel more social. Having a glass partition to separate a space provides privacy, but feels more social than a solid wall. While open-plan workspaces are shown to reduce productivity, as they provide distractions, translucent partitions are the happy medium that satisfies introverts and extroverts alike in a home or work space.

Art and Practicality – Having a practical but beautiful piece in your space is both economical and joyful. At House of Mirrors, we believe that you should live and work in spaces that bring you joy. That means filling your space with works of art that foster light and the opportunity to connect.

Curious about what Flux Glass looks like? See it in person by visiting our showroom at F#24, 5555 2nd St. S.E. (T2H 2W4) We look forward to seeing you!