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House of Mirrors is Proud to be a Part of Alykhan Velji Designs’ Newest Project

House of Mirrors is Proud to be a Part of Alykhan Velji Designs’ Newest Project - House of MIrrors - Mirrors and Glass Calgary - Featured Image

In the midst of this COVID-19 craziness, Calgarians are doing their part to stay at home to protect our community and lower the curve. We know that sitting on the couch for literal weeks on end does not come naturally to Albertans, but we’ve all been doing our best to safeguard our city.

Many of us have been turning to streaming in order to pass the time, and if you’ve been watching YouTube videos by local Calgarians lately, you may have noticed our name dropped amongst the ongoing fun (and drama) in Alykhan Velji Designs’ latest videos as he and his team work to complete the creation of their new space during a literal pandemic.

We cannot overstate how excited we are to be working with Aly Velji on this project. Alykhan is a very familiar face to fans of HGTV, CityTV and CTV; he has appeared on numerous TV shows, shows including “Designer Superstar Challenge”, “The Style Dept”, and “My RONA Home.” Aly is also the resident design expert on “The Marilyn Denis Show.” For over a decade, he has been a design leader in Canada, bringing a unique, energetic flavour to his work. Alykhan is renowned for always pushing expectations while offering timeless elegance, and we are humbled for the privilege to work with this exceptional Canadian designer.

With his TV experience, it’s not surprising that Alykhan made the bold decision to document his process of designing and realizing his new office space. Available on YouTube for everyone to follow, Alykhan has teamed up with Joel Klassen in a dream collaboration. Joel is an expert Canadian interior design and architectural photographer. He is meticulously aware of every moment of the now, and he brings a crisp artistic vision to this project. 

For House of Mirror’s part, we’ve been involved with supplying and installing glass inserts into the new office. In Aly’s latest video, he discusses his initial vision, which included spectacular glass walls. As his team moved forward on the project trying to balance budget and beauty, House of Mirrors was excited to come on board to help find creative solutions that met both Aly’s dazzling aesthetic vision and his necessary budget constraints. 

We are so delighted and awed to be working alongside such impressive professionals, like Alykhan Velji and Joel Klassen, as we all work together to bring to life Aly’s journey towards the perfect new office. We encourage you to follow the journey on YouTube, and if your home or business needs a beautiful glass-inspired redesign, look no further than Alykhan Velji Designs and House of Mirrors. Call us today.