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Using Mirrors to Expand Tiny Spaces

Using Mirrors to Expand Tiny Spaces - House of Mirrors - Mirrors and Glass - Featured Image

At the office or in the home, there always seem to be small nooks and cramped crannies that just aren’t living up to their full potential. Rather than allowing these smaller rooms to become waste-space, making use of interior design tools can add depth and brightness. Of course, our favourite tool for expanding tiny spaces is mirrors!


When it comes to small rooms, unless you are able to retrofit a giant window or raise the ceiling, your best option will be to use mirrors to visually expand the space and amplify light. Large mirrors in small rooms create a compelling illusion of depth. Don’t be afraid to try oversized mirrors in the tiniest spaces. Large mirrors work particularly well on the wall. We recommend using them above a meeting room table, ideally high enough to reflect a sophisticated light fixture or across from a piece of art. 


Some of the best places to take advantage of mirrors are in narrow hallways and stairways. In these restricted quarters, using smaller, horizontal mirrors can help turn a constricted, claustrophobic corridor into a more pleasant passage. Mirrors in these spaces act to visually widen the hallway, create flow, and relieve discomfort.


Mirrors are practical and beautiful. They’re a great tool for decorating any office space. From expanding cramped areas to serving as a room’s focal point and a piece of art in their own right, framed mirrors bring immediate elegance and professional aesthetic to any work space. Mirrors are a great choice outside of tiny rooms as well. Placing a mirror between individual work spaces and client meeting rooms allows staff to quickly evaluate their appearance before going into an important meeting. 


Need help updating your office’s look? The friendly experts at House of Mirrors can help you find the perfect aesthetic match for your commercial space. Or — if you can’t find just the right piece — it would be our pleasure to work with you to craft a unique, custom piece just for you. Contact our team at House of Mirrors and Glass today at (403) 253-3777 to get started.