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How to Choose The Perfect Mirror Size

How to Choose The Perfect Mirror Size - House of Mirrors - Featured Image

A mirror is a practical addition to any room, helping to make the space look brighter and bigger. It also provides a finishing touch to your home’s decor, creating movement and injecting beauty. Most people put a great deal of time and thought into picking just the right shape and style of mirror. It’s equally important to find the right size mirror for your space. 

Why does the size of the mirror matter?

A mirror can be a focal point, an accent or create a background for your decor. The size of the mirror that you choose affects the impact that is created. If you wish the mirror to be a focal point, it needs to be large enough to be noticeable. An extra-large mirror can function as a background, making your space feel larger and reflecting your room’s decor. Smaller mirrors are generally used as accents, reflecting light and a single interesting object. A grouping of small mirrors can also function as a focal point. 

The best size mirror for each room:

The size of the mirror you choose will depend upon the size and shape of the room and the purpose the mirror is intended for (focal point, background, accent, decorative, functional, or all of the above).

  • Bathroom: The width of a bathroom mirror should measure a few inches less than your vanity. The height of the mirror depends upon your ceiling and your personal eye level. Hang the mirror 5 to 10 inches/12 to 25 centimetres above the sink. Make sure it is a few inches above the highest point of the faucet and center the mirror between the lighting and the sink. 
  • Bedroom: In order to allow a person to see their complete height, a full-length mirror should be at least one-half as long as the height of the user. The larger the mirror, the closer you can stand and still get a full view. The smaller the mirror, the more space you need between your body and the glass to see your whole self. If you’re hanging a mirror over a dressing table, make sure it is shorter and less wide than the table, creating a balance between the two. 
  • Dining room (over a table or console): The best width for an accent mirror in the dining room is between 50 to 74% of the width of the table or console. The height should be within six inches of the width (taller or shorter). 
  • Living room: If you wish to use the mirror as the background for your living room decor, choose a large mirror that adds to the feeling of space. If you wish your mirror to be an accent, choose a small mirror and place it so it reflects a beautiful object (art, candles, lamps). If hanging the mirror over the couch, the best width is 50 to 74% of the width of the couch. The height should be within six inches of the width (taller or shorter). If you’re hanging a mirror over the mantle of the fireplace, place it approximately 6 inches/15 centimeters above the mantel. The width should be at least ⅔ the size of the mantle. Round mirrors are a great choice for this location as they add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the room.
  • Entryway: If you’re hanging the mirror over a foyer table, make it the same height as the table or within 6 inches of the table size (taller or shorter). The width of the mirror should be between 50 to 75% of the length of the table. Leave only a few inches between the top of the table and the bottom of the mirror. 
  • Home gym: Placing a mirror in your home gym makes it possible to track your progress, observe your form, and improve your fitness routines. The best mirror size is 3 feet by 5 feet/1 meter by 1.5 meters. Hang it horizontally or vertically. 
  • Home office: If you work facing the wall, consider installing a wall-mounted mirror above your workspace, 50 to 75% of the length of your desk. It’ll bounce light from your desk lamp making the space feel larger. Consider placing a mirror on a wall near or across from a window, reflecting light from outside. An oversized mirror can be used to make a small office feel spacious.  
  • Hallway: If you have a long, narrow hallway, placing a large mirror at the end helps make the space appear wider. If you have a short, wide hallway, hanging a large mirror on one of the side walls creates the illusion of depth.

Mirrors are one of the most natural home accessories. For every room, there is an appropriate size mirror and a great place to hang it. Mirrors add interest to walls and increase light, creating a sense of space. They add layers and depth to your decor. Don’t be afraid to try mirrors in multiple locations in your home.Want to add a distinctive mirror to your home?  Call Calgary’s premier glass company, House of Mirrors & Glass. Visit our showroom to see our large selection of custom and pre-cut mirrors. Don’t know what you’re looking for? No problem! Our knowledgeable staff can help you find the cut, size and style of mirror that works for you. We’ll even help you install your purchase! Call (403) 253-3777 today.