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Ideas for Glass Doors

Home Living Space with Glass Doors leading to patio

Glass doors are an excellent way to provide separation while allowing natural light to penetrate. Often custom, these glass features enhance the beauty of your space and boost property values. They give your home a WOW factor! The following are some ideas on how to incorporate glass doors into your space. 

Glass closet doors

Custom glass closet doors provide an excellent addition to bedroom closets. They give a room space and elegance. If you’re an enthusiastic organizer with a well-arranged closet, choose clear glass. If you’re messy and disorganized, hide the clutter with etched, patterned, smoked, frosted, tinted or milky glass panes. Choose glass sliding doors with two or three panels that slide horizontally. Consider hinged glass doors that open outward or in both directions. Double doors are great for large walk-in closet spaces and look good with a wood or metal frame. Elegant glass wardrobe doors go well with any décor. Best of all, glass closet doors are easy to clean and maintain.

Mirrored closet doors

Mirrored closet doors are a popular choice in closet design. They give your bedroom the feel of a fancy boutique or high-end clothing store! By placing a full-length mirror on the front of your closet, you free up wall space for hangings, clocks, art and paintings while getting a full view of what you’re wearing. A  mirrored closet door makes a small, dim room feel larger and brighter by bouncing natural light around the space. Having a perfect copy of your room reflected in the mirrored doors creates visual balance. Mirrored doors come in a wide range of styles and personalization options, as well as different sizes. Select from a number of edge profiles. The stylish nature of mirrored glass doors makes them useful for multiple areas of your home. 

Glass cabinet doors

These doors in the kitchen update your room, making it feel fresh and new. They provide the opportunity to display beautiful dishes, glassware and/or collectibles while adding a light and airy feel to the space. Replace all cabinet doors with glass or add glass inserts to existing cabinet doors. This addition to the hearth of your home adds both beauty and value.

Glass front doors

These work with every style of home. They create definition and privacy while keeping your entrance light and airy. A glass front door creates a bridge between the outdoors and the indoors, allowing you to see the view and sunlight to flow in. Consider double glass doors as they add a touch of grandeur to your entryway. 

Glass storm doors

The large pane of insulated and tempered glass in a glass storm door protects from elements while allowing in light. As a second outer door, it adds a further level of comfort and protection to your home. When bad weather strikes, glass panels protect your front door and home from damage. When the weather is mild, screen panels allow for ventilation without letting in bugs. Glass storm doors complement the architectural aesthetic of your entrance.

Glass interior doors

The style and type of interior door you choose can have a huge impact on the overall look of your interior decoration. Glass interior doors allow natural light to flow into a room, making the space feel open while maintaining sound privacy and heat/draught insulation. They make a space seem larger and are the perfect choice for small rooms. Glass interior doors can be used to maximize the space of a narrow opening and come in a wide variety of sizes and styles. Use them as an alternative to stacked or folding doors. 

Glass french doors

French doors are double doors that have glass panes as a portion of their design. They open in the middle and create a large attractive opening, useful for both indoor and outdoor spaces. French doors add elegance while providing a link between the two areas. They contribute to soundproofing while allowing natural light to pass through. 

Sliding glass doors

Instead of opening inwards or outwards, sliding glass doors operate on an upper and/or lower track, opening sideways. They bring in natural light and do not take up extra space when open. They’re perfect for spaces in which a large opening is needed. Often used on the patio/deck, glass sliding doors maximize the view, offering a transition between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Glass pocket doors

This is a type of sliding door. Unlike standard sliding doors, the door disappears into a recess in the wall. They can be used in almost any setting and add a contemporary feel.

Glass garage doors

A sleek and modern option. Constructed from glass panels that are framed in heavy-duty, rust and corrosion-resistant aluminum, they put less strain on automatic garage door openers. Choose from coloured/tinted glass (gray, bronze, white), decorative glass (frosted, glacier, hammered, seeded), reflective/mirrored glass, obscure/opaque glass, tempered glass, laminated glass and/or insulated glass. These decay, moisture, rot and insect-resistant panels offer unbeatable light transmission, and are energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and low maintenance. Custom glass garage doors offer a sophisticated appearance. 

Glass barn doors

A modern take on rustic style barn doors, are popular in farmhouse and homey decor and are one of the latest trends in interior design. Similar to a sliding glass door, they open with an upper track that is located on the outside of the wall. Glass barn doors are interior doors with a modern and sleek style. They save space, allow natural light to flow, serve as functional art (textured, frosted, etched, coloured, tinted), and are durable and applicable to any room. 

Glass doors allow privacy, separation and natural light. They boost the beauty and elegance of your home. Custom glass doors alter the look of your space while adding to your property value. Make your home stand out! Consider custom glass doors for your space. 

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