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What to Expect During Glass Installation

Man in white shirt installing glass window with adhesive tool

Glass can be textured, patterned and moulded to take on unique looks. It offers visual appeal and light transmission. Glass features add style and/or accent to any living space and custom glass features are more affordable and stronger than ever. They’re a decorator’s dream! Though every glass installation is different, there are a few things you can expect from your install team and some ways that you can prepare for the installation. 

How to prepare your home for a custom glass feature:

Remove personal items from the working area before the installers arrive. Shift any furniture that may get in the way and remove articles hanging on the walls. Make arrangements for your family to be out of the house and locate your pet in another room to help the project move along quickly. Turn off the home security system and clear a path for the installers to get from your driveway to your home. If the installation is taking place on the exterior of your home, trim all bushes, hedges and/or plants that may get in the installers’ way. Cover them with drop cloths. 

What to expect from the installers:

Reputable professional glass installers show up on time. When they arrive, they’ll prepare the work area, ensuring a safe environment. They may adjust your room(s) to minimize the risk of injury and/or damage to your property. They may set up tarps, ladders and/or platforms. They may place drop cloths. The installers install, caulk, and secure your custom glass piece. All tools and debris are removed from the job site and hauled away. A reliable installer doesn’t leave until you’re satisfied with the custom glass placement. 

How long will the installation take?

Though there is wide variation from project to project, most custom glass installations are completed within a single day. 

How long from the time I order my custom glass piece till I receive it?

Lead times can fluctuate depending on the products and/or services required. Ask your sales representative to provide you with the current lead times.

Many people are unaware of the multitude of ways that glass can add style and/or accents to a home. The applications of glass in interior design are unlimited! Glass compliments every type of décor! Custom glass features are affordable, durable, beautiful and elegant. Refresh your home with a few sparkling custom glass additions and enjoy the transformation made possible by the use of glass. Turn your home into a work of art!  Bring pizzazz to your space with custom glass features.

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