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Is There Really Such a Thing as a Premium Glass Dealer?

We’ll come clean: we love glass and mirrors. For us, there’s just something about the way it looks, and what it can add to your home, that makes us happy to work with it.

But does that really make us better than the competition? Is there really any such thing as a premium glass dealer, and does it matter where you purchase yours?

We like to think so, and based on our 25 years of success, it seems like a lot of homeowners, builders, architects, and interior designers agree. Here are a few things that make House of Mirrors a bit different than other shops and big home improvement stores:

Expertise. Glass and mirrors are our specialty, so you won’t find a more helpful or knowledgeable staff anywhere. If you’re trying to find the right choice for your home or building project, we can help.

Custom orders. We don’t just have a huge selection, we have the materials and equipment to fill custom glass and mirror orders with a minimum of time and expense.

Framing. We also offer on-site framing for mirrors and pictures. If you need a unique size or style to fit your homes look, then House of Mirrors is the perfect choice.

Onsite work. Because we work with glass on-site, items aren’t continually shipped back-and-forth, making it far less likely they’ll be damaged in the process.

Quality control. We’ve worked with enough glass to know how to spot trouble and imperfections before they find their way into your home. We only sell the very best, and are willing to stake our reputation on that every day.

Competitive prices. Best of all, all this expertise and efficiency doesn’t have to mean a bigger budget. House of Mirrors customers are often pleasantly surprised to find out just how competitive we are.

House of Mirrors has been a Calgary favorite for almost 25 years. Come see how a premium glass and mirror shop can transform the look of your home today!

Written by Greg Dunn. Visit Greg on Google+