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Magnetic Back-Painted Glass Message Boards

Magnetic Back-Painted Glass Message Boards - House of Mirrors - Mirros and Glass Calgary

For a couple years now, chalkboards have been extremely trendy inside businesses and at home. Whether small or sprawling, chalkboards could be used to communicate messages, coordinate everyone’s calendar, and more. But chalk is dusty, and blackboards are pain to keep a true black rather than a cloudy grey. So how can you benefit from all the joys of a home or work message board without the mess?

Magnetic Back-Painted Glass offers all the sleek beauty of a blackboard but with increased durability, ease of cleaning, and more. Magnetic back-painted glass is an opaque sheet glass that is custom created in any size, shape, or colour. Back painted glass can serve as more than just a message board, you can create a unique backsplash or countertop in your kitchen or a feature accent wall that you are able to write on.

In a corporate setting, magnetic back-painted glass message boards are quickly replacing conventional whiteboards. That’s because glass brings practical, durable flexibility. You can choose back-painted glass to create an ideal cubicle separator or it can easily camouflage into the walls of your office. You may even consider having the glass etched with your company’s logo. We invite you to work with our designers to create the perfect look for your business.

Easy to Use & Simple to Clean.

Conventional whiteboard markers are fully compatible with back-painted glass. However, if you choose a dark colour for your glass message board, you may find neon whiteboard markers are more easily read on the dark background. Dry erase ink can be wiped away from glass, and if shadows of colour residue remain, the mess can be vanquished with any glass cleaner.

Modern and edgy magnetic back-painted glass is sure to draw the attention of everyone who visits your home or business. We make choosing a glass message board simple by providing an affordable option to get the custom fit and colour you need for your home or business. To learn more about magnetic back-painted glass and how it can best serve your needs, contact House of Mirrors & Glass today.