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Magnetic Whiteboards for List-Lovers

Magnetic Whiteboards for List-Lovers - House of Mirrors - Mirrors Calgary

You can always tell when you’re in the home of a busy or creative person. Sticky notes in every room, or a pad and pen on virtually every surface are a good indicator. But there is a better way to jot your ideas down without letting surfaces become cluttered.

For the Organised Types:

A good way to keep your and your family’s/roommate’s lives a bit more organised is by adding a magnetic whiteboard to your kitchen or entranceway. These surfaces are erasable for schedules or to-do lists, and magnetic for coupons, tickets, or receipts.

What Can You Use It For?

Leave a morning note in the kitchen for your roommate or partner that says something like, ‘Thanks for taking the garbage out!’ or ‘Chicken tonight?’. Or you can use it in your entranceway as a reminder for things like, ‘Mail this letter!’ or ‘Remember your bus pass!’. After all, the most organised people are the ones who give themselves little reminders.

Customisable, of Course:

Like all of our back-painted glass treatments, these are customisable to virtually any colour you desire. Pick the colour of your back-painted glass in accordance with your existing decor. If you want, make it an accent piece in the room by choosing a bright complimenting colour that pops.

A clean and chic home doesn’t have to take away from your creativity or little organisational habits. Still unsure of where to install a magnetic whiteboard, or what colour to make it? Visit our Calgary showroom (F#24, 5555 2nd St S.E. T2H 2W4) and speak to a helpful member of staff for some more design inspiration.