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How to Make the Most of Trending Colours

Every year it’s exciting to see what new colours have emerged as “trending” for a particular season. Once someone points one out to you, you tend to notice it, whether it’s on an item of clothing or accessory you see someone wearing, or if it’s just a hue you never noticed before in a sunset or from a type of flower.

2018 Colours: If you look at the colours that are emerging out of the Pantone Trend Forecast for 2018, you can see the unique combinations of bright colours being celebrated for Spring 2018. Pastel pinks, salmons, and blues are dramatically cast against lime-yellow and a vibrant orangy-red. These are our best hints as to what colours designers will be using for the clothing lines that will hit our stores this spring.

With Home Design: We must be a little more versatile in the choices we make so that our living spaces can change with trends. Having neutral but bright elements as the framework for your home can bring out light and shape, allowing us to add bits of seasonal colours with knick knacks or by painting an accent wall. Designing in this way keeps your home feeling unique and fresh, just like the clothes you wear, but doesn’t create too much hassle (or cost too much) when you do want to redesign on a budget.

Where Do I Get It? Calgary’s House of Mirrors has been helping Calgarians find their bespoke home design elements for over 30 years. We create a variety of glass and mirror products for your kitchen, living room, bathroom, or with our unique custom mirror frames. Our custom mirrors are great for adding light and the illusion of depth in your home, and can be custom cut and framed to fit the wall precisely as you want it to. They’re also great for making colours pop in ways you never imagined.

Is it possible for your home to keep up with the style of changing trends? We think so! Take some time today to look at the colours you love and you’re looking forward to this spring. Then, visit our showroom to speak to a specialist: F#24, 5555 2nd St S.E. Calgary, AB Canada T2H 2W4. We can’t wait to meet you!