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Mirrors for Home Fitness

Mirrors for Home Fitness - House of Mirrors - Mirrors and Glass Calgary

It can be difficult to fit in the time to go visit a gym everyday, let alone work up the motivation to journey there. If you’re into yoga, pilates, or calisthenics, it can be relatively easy to get a good workout done at home, but ensuring you’re keeping good posture and form means having some way of seeing your reflection.

Mirrored Walls are great for home gyms. They can be fitted directly to walls, or formed to cover a closet for hidden storage. We can even fit mirrors to cover an entire wall space. This can be great if you enjoy dancing or aerobics and have a room with space to move in. Your basement or spare room can double as a private studio!

Full Body Mirrors

Trying to build muscle, but can’t stand the gym rats? We don’t need to tell you how demotivating the cold drive to the gym in our Calgary winters can be, but if you’re not enjoying the music they blast while you’re there, it’s even less enjoyable. All you really need to keep your fitness in good form is a full body mirror. These can be cut to a specific size to go directly on a wall or cut to a frame to be hung.

Framed Mirrors

Perhaps you want your mirrored space to be a bit more discreet. Your custom mirror doesn’t have to take up an entire wall, it can be an addition to your home that fits in with the existing style and décor. For example, we make custom framed mirrors bespoke to any size that can look like an antique. Simply give us the measurements and pick out a frame. No one will know that the mirror was custom cut just for you —  it’s up to you to make up the backstory of the little antique shop you found it in! But with a bespoke frame this great, who needs a backstory? Just be honest and tell them you got it from Calgary’s best place for anything shiny — House of Mirrors and Glass!

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