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New Year Renovations to Consider

New Year Renovations to Consider - House of Mirrors - Mirrors and Glass Calgary

Welcome to 2019! With the change of calendar come some fantastic new interior design trends that we know Calgary homeowners and design specialists are going to be all over!


Many of the trends we saw growing in 2018 are continuing strong into the new year, including a preference for natural materials. But other fads, like grey walls, are beginning to age out. Read on to make sure your home stays contemporary and chic into the New Year.


Embrace Natural Materials.

The trend towards choosing natural materials, like wood, stone, glass, and metals, has been building for a long time. We’re happy to say that this looks to be continuing into 2019. Scandinavian influence has more and more Canadians turning to pale coloured woods, like pine, for their kitchens, flooring, and more. Metals, especially brass and copper, are also increasing in popularity. These colour metals can be found for faucets and more. Large mirrors which make your space feel bigger, brighter, and more open are popular for all rooms. And finally, decorating with tribal patterns and plants of all types are new trends that helps to make your home feel connected to outdoor spaces and juxtapose interestingly with our sleek technologies..


Light, Open Minimalism.

Standout ceilings that reach for the heavens, nude earth tones that bring the subtlest hints of warmth, frameless glass shower doors, and elegant glass stair railings all feed into a growing trend of less is more. Design trends towards minimalism are about highlighting open space and free flowing light. Complemented by open floor plans, these trends help to transform your home by opening up rooms, providing cool modernity, and allowing the easy passage of light throughout your house.


Airey Industrial.

Edgy Crittall-style doorways, windows, and walls combine light-weight black framing with glass to create a dramatic industrial feel that increases light and makes your home feel larger and more open. Replace doors or entire walls from home offices and other small nooks with crittall style doors and walls to cleverly partition your home without compromising on style or natural light. Crittall walls and doors are the perfect design tool within an open floor plan because they allow you to have separate rooms that are not truly part of the open floor plan and which can be closed off as necessary.


Is it time to update your home with the latest styles and trends? Our experts at House of Mirrors and Glass are able to work directly with you or your interior designer to craft custom glass and mirror pieces for your unique project. Our impressive showroom also offers thousands of ready made pieces. We invite you to explore what we’ve created. You may just find the perfect piece for your home. Come by today!