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Signs you Need to Update your Washroom

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Is your bathroom marred by leaks, drips and stains? Do you have outdated, rusted fixtures? Does your washroom lack functionality and beauty? It may be time to update your room, to create a luxurious space that you can enjoy. How can you be sure that your bathroom needs renewing?  The following are some signs that it’s time to update your washroom.

  • Leaky and/or inefficient appliances: A leaking sink, tub, shower and/or toilet is a sure sign that you need serious repair and replacement. Leaks cause damage, and increase your water bill and your environmental footprint. It’s also good to consider the age and efficiency of your appliances. Water-efficient toilets and shower heads are readily available. 
  • Poor lighting: If your lighting fixtures blind you or block light making the room dim and causing frustration when completing your hairstyle and/or makeup application, it’s time to update your washroom. Lighting sets the ambiance of the bathroom, affecting your ability to relax and enjoy your shower or tub. Make sure your lighting plan allows for the different tasks you complete in the washroom.
  • Lack of storage: Are your personal hygiene items and makeup scattered on the counter? Is there a pile of towels in the corner? If it’s not possible to tuck all items away from view, it’s time to update your washroom. Consider updating the vanity and cabinets. Contemplate the addition of a linen closet. Cleaning up the clutter makes a bathroom feel calm and luxurious.  
  • Out-of-date design: Is your wallpaper and/or paint colour old-fashioned and obsolete? Is your bathroom tile antiquated? Are your fixtures the 1990 colour of the year? It’s time to update! Give your washroom a modern, opulent feel that tempts you to spend more time. Consider adding: 
    • An attractive mirror: A mirror is an essential component of the bathroom. It plays a role in balance, functionality, aesthetics, and spaciousness. A mirror amplifies light, adds drama and creates the illusion of space. Mirrors are a brilliant source of design adding light and interest. Choosing the perfect size, frame and shape of a mirror are essential to accomplishing your decorating goals. Don’t limit your ideas to the usual shape and design. Let your imagination soar. 
    • Glass shower doors: A few simple changes can transform a bathroom from boring to luxurious, from bland to glamorous, from dull to sleek and elegant. One of the most popular bathroom renovations is the addition of frameless and or framed glass shower doors. Add pizazz by creating your shower with glass. It’ll make your room feel light and open and works particularly well in small bathrooms. Glass showers are low maintenance, hygienic, aesthetically appealing, space effective, sustainable, durable and easily customized. Try coloured glass to add extra depth, catch the eye and encourage relaxation. Use glass to screen a toilet or sink without obscuring them creating a sleek and sophisticated look. 
  • Mould problems: The heavy usage of hot water in a small space makes a bathroom the perfect environment for mould. Mould growth makes a space seem old and smelly. If you have a mould problem, it’s time to renovate and update. 
  • Changing family needs: Families grow and change. Do you have a new baby? You may need a changing area and/or room for an infant bathtub. Is there a senior member in your family? Install grab bars and skid-proof flooring. Are there teenagers in your household? Consider a double vanity, extra electrical sockets and a makeup mirror. 
  • To increase energy efficiency: The average person uses 329 litres of water per day, with 65% of that water being used in the bathroom. If you are interested in environmental issues, consider a low-flow shower head, a faucet aerator, motion-activated lights and ENERGY STAR®  bathroom fixtures. 

Know the signs that it’s time to update your washroom. Whether you’re looking to make a few aesthetic changes or you want to completely remodel your bathroom layout, an updated bathroom will improve your home’s value and appeal. 

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