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Capturing Your Favourite Images in a Laminated Glass Frame

Capturing Your Favourite Images in a Laminated Glass Frame - House of Mirrors - Laminated Glass Frames Calgary

A picture tells a thousand words. But more than that, a picture in your home can trigger a certain memory; something you’d like to see every day. Whether it’s a picture of someone or something, the artefacts you keep in your home should bring you joy, so why not turn one into a timeless object by getting it laminated in glass?

Your favourite images can take on a whole new dimension when laminated in glass. Placed on a window sill, they transform the aesthetic of a room, especially if your existing décor is minimalist and fresh. You’ll be surprised at how images —  a landscape photograph you took on holiday or a picture of a flower you found on a hike — can look as if they were taken by a professional photographer when they are lit up with light entering through a window.

If your photography skills aren’t up to par, consider that the image doesn’t have to be a family photo. Perhaps you want to add décor based on the look of a room – you can design your own glass piece from an existing painting or photograph. All it takes is a google search for a high resolution image and we’ll sort out the rest. A print of your favourite Van Gogh can be transformed into a glass image as well. Accent colours in a painting can draw inspiration for or from an existing living space, but it takes a keen eye to tell. If your house guests are keen observers, perhaps they’ll note, “do the colour of those leaves match your coffee table?”

No Natural Sunlight In A Room?

Not to worry. At House of Mirrors, we also provide the installation of edge-lit glass. The best use of edge lit glass is for use in shelving – the light illuminates glass objects places on the shelf’s surface. Why not get both an edge lit shelf and a laminated photo? The pair are perfect for a unique, modern display of your favourite memories.

Do you have a favourite moment you’d like to capture in our laminated glass? Contact us (or come into our Calgary location) today to discuss the possibilities of a laminated photo in your home. We’re sure you’ll find that laminated photos are truly timeless pieces that will never have you worrying about frame style.