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The Perfect Gift

The Perfect Gift - House of Mirrors - Glass and Mirrors Calgary

The New Year often brings new ideas for how to recreate our homes. If you have a loved one who is already considering a renovation for 2018, give them a gift this December that’s a part of their home renovation and that they’ll use every day — choose your special gift from House of Mirrors!

Think They’re Thinking About a Reno?

Sometimes the people closest to you, like a best friend, sibling, or partner, can be the hardest to shop for. You find yourself getting them the same present year after year but you’re not sure it’s something they want or need. If someone close to you is thinking about a home renovation, why not offer to sponsor their home improvement project? You can walk them through House of Mirrors, and we can do the work of making sure they choose a product they’ll love to look at every day. Or if you want to keep it a surprise, you may even spot a piece from our unique Gravity Glass collection that truly stuns.

‘Antique’ Custom Mirrors…

Or perhaps you’ve heard them talking about how they need something to decorate their walls with. In that case, you can be part of designing a custom mirror frame for them. If you’re a sneaky Santa and can get the measurements right for the wall area they want covered, we can cut the perfect size mirror, and create an antique-looking frame to fit it.


It’s not just mirrors we can custom frame. We can custom frame anything! And there’s no better gift around the holidays than something that preserves a special memory. We’d love to create a piece that reflects the homeowner’s space while being something you’ve chosen with thought and care to the memory of the moment you’ve captured.

Don’t leave it till the last minute! Get some gift inspiration by visiting our Calgary showroom soon. We’ve got all the inspiration you need for your holiday gift-giving. We’re located at F#24, 5555 2nd St S.E. Calgary, T2H 2W4.