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Three Different Types of Mirror Effect

Three Different Types of Mirror Effect - House of Mirrors and Glass - Mirrors and Glass Calgary

We’re here to convince you why getting a customised mirror this month is going to change your life.

It Changes the Look of Your Home

Mirrors are a useful tool in room décor. They can be put to use in a wardrobe or closet door, which will help “expand” the size of a room because a mirror increases the look of depth. You can also use them in a dining room or lounge at the end of a wall to create a look of depth as the room goes back. This effect can be achieved through a floor-to-ceiling mirror, or merely one which has an optical focus at eye level.

Increase the Value of Your Home

Just the same way that a new coat of paint can work wonders on the “freshness” of your home, getting a customised mirror can really be the change to help you fall back in love with your own home. Too often people make drastic changes to their home right before they move out to increase the value. When they do, they wish all along they’d done it, as they realise they could have brought themselves much more joy and appreciation for their home if they had made a drastic aesthetic change while they were the occupiers.

The Right Vanity Mirror

These can, lastly, have positive effects on your self esteem and the ways in which you take care of yourself. Have you ever noticed a change when you stayed somewhere where you could see your full self? Did you take care of yourself more? Did your outfits improve? These are the sorts of subtle changes the right mirror in your home can have a knock-on effect. Maybe it’ll even motivate you to start that yoga or dance class you’ve been thinking about, once you can really see yourself

Whether it’s for décor or lifestyle, we’re convinced a customised mirror is going to have a great effect on you this summer, so get visiting our showroom soon to dream up your own possibilities. We’re located at F#24, 5555 2nd St S.E. Calgary, T2H 2W4.