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Back-Painted Glass Writing Boards in the Workplace

Back-Painted Glass Writing Boards in the Workplace - House of Mirrors and Glass - Mirrors and Glass Calgary

The professional image of Calgary businesses has always been an important aspect of their success. It’s why Calgary businesses have traditionally turned to interior designers to create welcoming, elegant work spaces that encourage efficiency and collaboration for employees, while simultaneously demonstrating the brand’s professional image to potential clients. As one of the latest trends in chic, polished design is incorporating back-painted glass writing boards throughout the office.

What Is a Back-Painted Glass Writing Board?

A tasteful, sleek alternative to whiteboards and chalkboards, our writing boards are made from a pane of glass (of custom size and shape) and meet the needs of all businesses. The back of the glass is painted in the colour of your choice, and then the writing board is installed into your workspace. Conventional whiteboard markers work perfectly on the surface, which is both durable and exceptionally easy to keep clean. Unlike a whiteboard, the surface will not stain, nor will anyone need to fuss with chalk dust. As necessary, our back-painted glass writing boards can be made magnetic.

Back-Painted Glass for Desktop Surfaces.

If collaboration is a vital aspect of a business, back-painted glass can make the perfect desktop surface. Team members can utilize the desktop as a giant writing surface to offer suggestions and corrections. Notes and reminders can be written directly onto the desk surface, so employees are never left scrambling for a piece of paper.

Double Duty for Partition Walls.

Many businesses utilize partition walls to create niche spaces depending on their needs for the moment. Partition walls can be permanent or part of a flexible workspace design. Either way, ensuring your partition walls are also back-painted glass allows them to perform double duty. A break-out group won’t have to worry about also finding a whiteboard or other writing surface for their meeting. And the novel luxury of simply writing ideas on the wall as they come up is sure to impress any potential new clients.

Sophisticated Meeting Rooms.

While many redesigns of offices focus on improving technology, there’s no reason to toss the baby out with the bathwater. Sometimes the best solution is a low-tech but classic tool that has been used reliably for decades. Smartboards and projection screens are great, but when it comes to brainstorming and writing down ideas as they come up during a discussion, nothing beats a large writing board where everyone can see the ideas as they pour in. This is particularly true in meeting rooms, where you want to ensure that your potential clients see you hearing their concerns, thoughts, and questions.

Writing down a client’s priorities on a writing board where everyone can clearly see them sends a much stronger message than a quick jot note on a piece of paper. Beyond that, as you write down what they said, as you understand it, they can clarify any miscommunications immediately.

For a tasteful update to any workspace, there are few trends that are as practical and elegant as back-painted glass. To learn more about how we can accommodate the unique needs of businesses with custom sizes, shapes, and colours, contact our experts at House of Mirrors today.