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Three Glass Trends for a Sleek 2019 Style

Three Glass Trends for a Sleek 2019 Style - House of Mirrors - Mirrors and Glass Calgary

One of our favourite things about New Years is the opportunity to reimagine both ourselves and the world around us. Many Calgarians set goals for healthier lives, better budgets, or less time at work. These are all fantastic resolutions, but setting new habits is hard! Fortunately, it’s easier to stick to new changes when your environment has visual cues to remind you not to fall into the same old routines. We recommend making these cues beautiful renovations to your home that you’ll love for many New Years to come.


Frameless Shower Doors.

One of our favourite glass trends that just keeps building momentum is frameless shower doors. Easy to clean, sleek, and elegant, frameless shower doors are both practical and beautiful. They bring a sense of luxury to your bathroom, and they make your washroom feel larger and open. Pair your new frameless glass shower doors with a ceramic tile or stone shower for a grand, sophisticated look. Complement these classic, natural materials with rustic barn door hardware to create an effortlessly smooth sliding glass shower door.


Glass Countertops.

In past years, granite and quartz were seen as the only upscale options for countertops. But in recent years, glass is beginning to usurp some of the attention. Glass countertops are unique and splendid. As a homeowner, you have complete control over the colour, thickness, and more, allowing for an eye catching piece with maximum visual impact. Like their stone equivalents, glass countertops are extremely heat and water resistant, making them a perfect choice for any kitchen. And glass countertops are significantly more environmentally friendly than rock alternatives. They can be made using recycled glass for minimal environmental impact, and if you decide to update your kitchen again in the future, the entire countertop can be recycled.


Glass Railings.

Glass may not seem like the obvious choice for railings, but people have been striving for mastery over glass technology for thousands of years, and each year, we come a little closer. Today, tempered glass is five times stronger than regular glass — making it a durable and safe choice for railings. As a replacement for more traditional, hardwood railings, we’re certain you’ll adore the brighter, lighter, contemporary feels. Glass railings are also easier to maintain than wood and won’t react to seasonal fluctuations in humidity.


We’ll be the first to admit we’re biased, but we love seeing glass architecture become more and more popular. These are just a few of the most popular glass trends we’ve seen in modern interior design. If you’d like to learn more about architectural glass or have any questions about creating a custom glass piece for your unique project, contact our experts at House of Mirrors and Glass today. We look forward to hearing from you!