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Three Reasons You Should Get a Home Reno Before Winter

Three Reasons You Should Get a Home Reno Before Winter - House of Mirrors - Mirrors and Glass Calgary

Renovations in Calgary’s winter time can be tricky for home-owners, especially if you live in an apartment or bungalow with only one bathroom. We have plenty of plans to rejuvenate your bathroom or living room, but keep in mind that renovations launch your home into temporary disarray, which is why it’s better to get work done before it gets too cold to go outside.

Bathrooms are one of our favourite canvases to work in. On a regular basis, our work adds value to a home by transforming bathrooms. Additions like our frameless shower doors, back-painted glass, and water resistant glass treatments will make your home feel more like a hotel spa than your own abode.

Glass Partitions can serve practical uses while being versatile interior design additions. A well-placed glass partition can better control sound and heat insulation. Get a glass partition for your home before winter and you might just save on your gas bill! That’s because partitions and mirrors reflect light and act as a greenhouse might to your home, bringing up the temperature with just a bit of sunlight.

Fill Your Home With Light.

With the dark winters we suffer through in Calgary, new designer homes are taking advantage of our daytime rays to power solar panels and heat homes. But another advantage of filling your home with translucent and reflective surfaces is that it splashes light around a space. This allows you to maximise on getting that great vitamin D during the times of day when the sun is strongest.

Take our word for it: using a port-a-potty while your bathroom is being renovated is much better in Calgary fall than winter, so call us today and get it done before the first snowfall! 403-253-3777