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Creative Uses of Screens In Your Client Space

Creative Uses of Screens In Your Client Space - House of Mirrors - Glass and Mirrors Calgary

It’s time to get creative and stretch your imagination for the uses of hidden TV screens in your space.

Tease ‘Em!

Imagine being in a waiting room when suddenly a television appears out of nowhere to show photos or a video of the user experience a client is about to discover. Whether it’s dental treatment, or giving your shoppers some background on a company story, these TV screens are a great surprise for clientele. Hidden televisions can also be a great opportunity to post testimonials from past clients, and creates a positive environment with which to invite your new clients into. TV screens display these ideas creatively and, most importantly, professionally.

Stay Current

Use a hidden TV as an opportunity to share with clients your routine activities, or get them linked up to your social media presence. By wiring your RSS feed to display on a hidden television screen, you’ll give clients something to read in a waiting room, and you don’t even have to routinely update it!


Is your waiting room often a place where teenagers or children are stuck waiting? Get a Wii or DVD player for a hidden screen as a way to comfort parents and keep children busy while they wait for an appointment. In situations where your receptionists are stretched to be babysitters, this is a great trick.

Got more ideas? Bring your own creativity to these versatile installations. Give us a call at 403-253-3777 to get started.