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Transforming Your Bathroom for Contemporary Luxury

Transforming Your Bathroom for Contemporary Luxury - House of Mirrors - Mirrors and Glass Calgary - Featured Image

Trends in design are always changing, and bathrooms are no exception. It feels like just yesterday that shades of grey were one of the most popular looks for bathrooms, but in 2020, we’re moving towards dark, bold colours and even debonair black accents. With the constant flow of new ideas and changes in trends, it may feel impossible to stay on top of every new design tip, but you don’t have to! When it comes to renovating your bathroom, choose a colour or aesthetic you like and then invest in some of the contemporary luxury bathroom trends that aren’t going anywhere.


Large, Seamless, Glass Shower with Frameless Shower Door.

When it comes to luxury design in the bathroom, there’s no such thing as a shower-tub combo. Bathtubs should be sprawling, free-standing and lavish. The shower should have plenty of room and be almost invisible. While some bathroom avant-garde designers say that showers should be fully open (with no walls at all), most disagree. 


Even clear glass walls add a sense of security and privacy, and (more importantly) they keep the steam nice and close to your body, so you won’t get chilly. By choosing a custom, seamless, glass shower, you get the same limitless, open look of an open shower without the downsides.


Underfloor Heating.

Undertile heating is a must-have for luxury bathrooms in Canada. Nobody likes stepping on an icy tile floor in the middle of January, and underfloor heating is the solution. As for tiles, the latest trends suggest choosing a tile that resembles stone or that has an intriguing shape.


Custom Glass Countertops with Jack & Jill Sinks.

For sleek, durable, easy to clean countertops, there is no better choice than glass. And, because glass countertops are completely customizable, you’re able to get your countertop in any colour, size, or shape that you want. Work with our designers to have your counter smoothly transition into Jack & Jill sinks.


Double-Framed Mirrors.

Above your sinks, you’ll want to place a framed mirror. The hottest trends call for unique, asymmetrical mirrors, but we recommend choosing whichever style you like the most — whether it’s classic or hyper-contemporary. Have some fun with your framed mirrors! Many couples like to choose two different framed mirrors to reflect their different tastes and quirks. The options are endless, so be sure to play with different possibilities. 


It can feel like interior design trends are in an endless cycle that’s impossible to keep up with and, you aren’t wrong… but a lot of the best design is simply that: good design. Now or ten years from now, bathroom trends like underfloor heating are still going to be popular, because people are still going to hate ice-cold tile. Similarly, Canadians are always going to enjoy beautiful washrooms that feel open and bright. 


Are you feeling lost in the trends as you plan your new bathroom renovation? Our experts can help you narrow down your priorities and transform your bathroom into a luxurious, home spa. Contact us today to learn how your glass can be a key material in your bathroom reno.