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Updating Your Home for the New Year

Updating Your Home for the New Year - House of MIrrors - MIrrors and Glass Calgary - Featured Image

Early January may just be our favourite time of year. Fueled with New Year energy, Calgarians are ready to make real, meaningful changes in their homes and lives. It’s a real treat to be able to watch Albertans take charge of the changes they want to make. While many Canadians focus on their physical health through gyms and diets, more and more people are recognizing the vital importance of good mental health. At House of Mirrors, we believe that a healthy mind begins at home.


A Shelter From the Storm

As Canadians become busier and busier at work and with other obligations, we have struggled with a sharp increase in anxiety and depression. This is particularly true in Canadian teens. When it feels like the world is pushing in at all times, it’s important for your home to be a safe retreat. Which is perhaps why a clear, upcoming design trend in 2020 is the marriage of mindfulness to soothing calm aesthetics. 


Minimalism, sustainability, and wellness have been important themes in design for a few years now, and mindfulness is the natural progression of these ideas. Mindfulness is all about creating interior spaces that are beautiful and calming. Using low furniture, floor cushions, and indoor plants creates a sense of shelter and simplicity. Combining natural materials, like stone, wood, and glass with a soothing palette of natural tones and whites helps to make your home blissful and welcoming. In particular, architectural glass elements, such as glass staircases or room dividers, give light a playful freedom, bestowing an airy, open feeling upon your home.


Organic Beauty

Pantone revealed Classic Blue as the 2020 colour of the year. This vibrant, evening shade dances with twilights mystery and curiosity. It’s a colour that demands we look into the future and wonder what happens now that the sun is setting. In this way, Classic Blue is congruent with the trend of forming a strong connection to our natural environment. This instinct is particularly strong in Canadian interior design, due to the great outdoors having a strong cultural presence in many aspects of Canadian life. 


Colour and textures fueled by the natural world are entrenched in 2020 interior sensibilities. Statement materials like rattan, stone, linen, jute, wood, and glass combined with reimagined antique or recycled furniture and artisan decor provide a vital personal touch to your home. Whether you’re replacing an old, plasticy counter top, installing a new backsplash, or crafting a luxury shower, choosing natural, eco-friendly materials like glass, which is 100% recyclable, captures the simple, natural elegance of 2020 design.


The experts at House of Mirrors and Glass are always excited to see what’s new in interior design trends. We know that glass is one of the best materials available. Naturally beautiful and environmentally friendly, glass architectural pieces will always have an important place in our homes. Discover how glass can complement your house’s aesthetic today.