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Go Big or Go Home

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At House of Mirrors & Glass, we’re always excited to help Calgarians update their home or business with the newest ideas and trends from interior design. With each passing year (and decade!), we are able to watch aesthetics and taste slowly transform and evolve to meet the current needs and priorities of Canadians. Take minimalism. As Canadians are choosing to fill their houses and businesses with fewer individual pieces of furniture and art, we’re seeing a preference for large scale artwork and wall murals that function as dynamic focal points within a space.


Back Painted Glass Writing Surfaces.

As Calgarians lean into big aesthetics, we’ve seen increased interest in wallpaper, decals, and other wall-sized art. While it’s fun to see wallpaper having a come back (it was at its most popular in the western world over a century ago) we prefer back painted glass as a sleek, contemporary alternative. Back painted glass provides virtually limitless colour options. Homeowners and business owners can therefore choose whether to make an architectural glass wall a vibrant accent colour or a subdued, elegant neutral. 


In the commercial spaces, an architectural glass writing surface can serve as a hub for team collaboration. From mind mapping in meetings to reminders for your team, a chic wall-sized writing surface has a hundred practical uses. 


At home, bright back painted glass walls grow with the family. Children can learn to draw and spell on what feels like a limitless canvas; teens will crack tough math and physics equations on the board, and adults can leave messages and notes for other family members.


Framed Oversized Mirrors.

At House of Mirrors & Glass, we tend to think of framed mirrors as their own unique type of artwork. While the image reflected in a mirror is dynamic rather than a static painting or photograph, we feel that’s where the true artistry comes in — in finding the perfect angle and element to duplicate. The Chinese tradition of feng shui, for example, has dedicated much thought to the exact art of positioning mirrors throughout your house to increase positivity in your home and life. 


According to feng shui principles, one of the best places to position an oversized mirror is as a backdrop to your dining room table. This is because the mirror will double the food, family, friends, and fun of every meal. Of course, it’s important to let your personal aesthetics be the final judge. For example, feng shui would argue against having a mirror in the bedroom. However, our team definitely gives mirrors in the bedroom a big thumbs up. Framed mirrors make beautiful backdrops for beds. A tall wall mirror in the bedroom is also practical for ensuring every element of your fashion ensemble is working flawlessly.


One thing is clear in 2020 interior trends — whether it’s a glass writing surface or a mirror for your bathroom — Canadians are choosing to go big. House of Mirrors & Glass can help.