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Using Edge-Lit Glass for a Space-Age Home Reno

Using Edge-Lit Glass for a Space-Age Home Reno - House of Mirrors - Edge-Lit Glass Calgary

Edge-lit glass creates the kind of look that used to be reserved for city sculptures or shop windows, but take the technology into your own home, and you can create incredible looking backsplash, partitions or shelving in any room.

When you don’t want a back-“splash” so much as a back-“ripple,” edge-lit glass is a beautiful and minimalist option. It’s also very easy to clean. Kitchens are always hectic areas where families cook, clean, eat, organize, and sometimes even work and plan. With its subtle texture, playful light and no pattern, edge-lit glass adds a chic, simplistic choice in a space that is often quite busy. If there’s anywhere in your home that needs more “zen,” it’s the kitchen, and glass is the perfect way to create the look and feel of tranquility.

Partitions can create beautiful edge-lit displays.

You may find that your modern open-concept home could do with a little more privacy at times. Glass partitions are both catching displays of light and functional tools for noise and spatial separation. During the day, they function as partitions. But at night, you can customise your edge-lit light display by colour to reflect the mood of the evening. Reading a book alone? Hues of blue. Settling in for a romantic a glass of wine? Add some red. Having company over? Put your lights on colour rotation. Who knows! Your partition might even get people partying.

Closets and Shelves are edge-lit glass’s most functional companions.

In closets or bathroom vanity cabinets, edge lighting illuminates your necessities, making it easier to maintain an organised space. The only thing better than a walk-in closet is a well-lit walk in closet. Your favourite items of clothing and accessories should be on display. Glass illuminated surfaces are excellent with jewellery and shoes. For shelving, try placing items that are also glass and watch as the refraction catches the light. Not only great for perfume, but in a living room or study create your own fabulous-looking liquor shelf when you place glass bottles on an edge-lit surface.

You’re probably envisioning your own possibilities for our space-age edge-lit glass in your home. If you still need some inspiration, why not call us  (403) 253-3777 or visit our Calgary show home? New ideas for your home are awaiting your arrival at House of Mirrors.