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Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look Larger with Glass and Mirrors

Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look Larger with Glass and Mirrors - House of Mirrors - Mirrors and Glass Calgary - Featured Image

Is your bathroom small and cramped? Do you feel hemmed in when you bathe or shower? Does a tiny washroom keep you from unwinding and relaxing? The bathroom is a place to wash away the stress of the day, and to let your guard down. It’s important that your bathroom be more than functional. It needs to be aesthetically pleasing, tranquil and roomy. Even if your space is small, it doesn’t have to look and feel small. Judicious use of glass and mirrors can create the illusion of a larger space. The following are some clever design tricks to make your small bathroom look and feel larger: 

  • Install a glass shower: Shower curtains divide a bathroom, making it look and feel small. Glass shower doors reflect light and open up the space. Try a frameless shower enclosure and eliminate all visual barriers. It feels less bulky than a framed enclosure. Need a little privacy? Use frosted or tinted glass. Choose from right, left, sliding or pivot doors. Luxurious and spacious, glass-enclosed showers provide a spa-like feeling. They make your bathroom appear bigger, brighter, trendier and sleeker. Their beauty and functionality boost the appeal and value of any home. Nothing can beat the timeless style of a glass shower enclosure!
  • Go big with mirrors: A mirror is an essential component of the bathroom, playing a role in balance, functionality, aesthetics and spaciousness. The more light you can reflect, the bigger your bathroom will look and feel. Try a large mirror, adding wall lights on either side. Better yet, consider a whole wall of mirrors to create the illusion of space. You can add two mirrors where two walls meet, bouncing even more light into the room. Frameless mirrors add a greater feeling of space than framed mirrors. Go wall-to-wall with a custom-sized piece. 
  • Reflect a beautiful view: An ideal location to hang a mirror is across from a real window, so that it reflects the outdoors creating the illusion that the mirror is actually a window, brightening and enlarging the space. If this is not possible, place your bathroom mirror so that it reflects an open door. Position flowers or an attractive ornament (vase, lamp, sculpture) so that they’re reflected. Make sure you don’t reflect the toilet!
  • Try a mirrored vanity and/or mirrored wall panelling: They reflect light, add a sense of glamour and expand the feel of a small bathroom. They’re a great way to make a small room look open and spacious.  

Glass transforms a space, providing an airy modern feel. Don’t settle for a cramped and dingy bathroom. Install a glass shower to open up the space. Carefully place mirrors so they reflect light and beauty. Don’t be afraid to go large with your mirror(s). Consider a mirrored vanity or reflective wall panelling to create a sense of luxury and grandeur. Can’t find the mirror or shower you’re looking for? Consider a custom glass piece.   

Want to make a small bathroom seem larger? Looking for a unique custom design? Call Calgary’s premier glass and mirror company, House of Mirrors & Glass(403) 253-3777 or email us at info@houseofmirrors.com.  Our helpful team of associates can assist you in finding the look that works for you. Check out our showroom today! Our knowledgeable and efficient team provides excellent customer service with a focus on custom design.