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Advantages of Architectural Glass as a Building Material

Advantages of Architectural Glass as a Building Material - House of Mirrors - Mirrors and Glass Calgary - Featured Image

If you’re building new, adding an addition to your home or renovating part/all of your space, consider incorporating architectural glass. It’s a great way to lend a sleek, modern, upscale feel to your house. Architectural glass can be textured, patterned and moulded to take on a unique look. It offers visual appeal and light transmission. Glass architectural features are more affordable and stronger than ever. They’re a decorator’s dream!

What is architectural glass? 

Architectural glass is glass that is used as a building material. It’s treated in a particular way in order to make it strong enough for use in building applications such as walls, windows, partitions, facades, countertops, backsplashes, shelving, cabinet doors, room dividers, elevator cladding, barbacks, flooring, railings, chandeliers, shower glass, balconies, stairs and furniture. 

What are the advantages of architectural glass?

Architectural glass is:

  • Durable: Architectural glass can withstand rain, sun and wind and has high-impact resistance values.
  • Chemical resistant: Architectural glass is highly resistant to chemical reactions and can withstand the effect of reactions under different environmental conditions. 
  • Antimicrobial: Glass is impermeable making it mildew and mould-resistant. It does not harbour germs and/or bacteria that could endanger your family.
  • Class A fire-rated: Architectural glass can stop the spread of flames into adjoining spaces, significantly blocking smoke and toxic gasses from burning furniture and other materials.
  • Versatile: Laminated, non-laminated, etched, patterned and tempered glass are available.
  • Recyclable and environmentally friendly: Glass is 100% recyclable. It does not degrade during the recycling process and can be recycled again and again without loss of quality or purity. Recycled glass helps conserve energy by reducing emissions and consumption of raw materials.
  • Transmits, absorbs and/or refracts light: Architectural glass naturally reflects and refracts light adding depth and interest to your walls and making your space feel open, bright and airy. It prevents the formation of shadows making your room easier to use.
  • Easy to clean: Glass is a non-porous material making it resistant to stains. Fingerprints, splatters and water spots are easily wiped away with warm soapy water and a cloth. It’s rust-resistant and dustproof. Add DFI coating to make your architectural glass even easier to clean.
  • Excellent insulator: Glass is a good insulator against heat, electricity, and electromagnetic radiation. Certain types of glass have high resistance against ultra-violet, infrared, and x-ray transmission. Glass is also a good sound insulator, resisting sound transmission.
  • Beautiful: Available in a variety of colours, glass excels in visual appeal, giving a room a fresh and elegant look. 
  • Easily shaped: Glass can be pressed, blown and drawn into any shape, dimensional requirement and/or safety requirement.
  • Secure: Laminated glass adds another layer of security to your building. 
  • Creates a welcoming space: Glass can take a dark and gloomy space and turn it into a bright, welcoming area, contributing to a good mood, increased mental health and improved sleep.
  • Sustainable: The energy-balancing properties of glass help reduce heating and cooling costs.  

Both modern and traditional homes benefit from architectural glass. Consider the many uses of glass when building and/or renovating your space. Glass compliments every type of décor! Interested in trying architectural glass in your home? Looking for a unique custom design? Call Calgary’s premier glass and mirror company, House of Mirrors & Glass(403) 253-3777 or email us at info@houseofmirrors.com.  Our helpful team of associates can assist you in finding the look that works for you. Check out our showroom today! Our knowledgeable and efficient team provides excellent customer service with a focus on custom design.