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Ways to Use Antique Mirrors in Your Home

Looking for a décor item to bring richness and depth to your space? Consider the ornate frame, frayed edges and distressed patches of an antique mirror. These looking glasses come in numerous styles, sizes and tones. They give you the same benefits as regular mirrors but with added sophistication and glamour. Antique mirrors (even if they’re brand new!) add personality and character to any space. The following are some creative ways to use antique mirrors to enhance your home. 

  • Liven up a boring room: Have a boring rectangular room in your home? Enliven it with an elegant antique mirror with an elaborate frame. Try sconce lighting on either side to create a focal point for the space, adding interest and character. 
  • Make a small room feel larger: Place a tall antique mirror in a small room to make the space feel more expansive. Choose a mirror that is ¾ or more the height of the wall. Place an interesting piece of furniture or art in front of it, making the reflection an augmentation of the room’s style.
  • Add glamour to the bathroom: A small antique mirror placed on a shelf or the vanity in a bathroom adds a touch of grandeur. Arrange flowers or pretty bottles so the mirror catches and reflects the edges of the display.
  • Spruce-up a girl’s bedroom: Place an antique mirror on a vanity table in a young girl’s room. Drape it with scarves or boas, giving it a glamorous feel.
  • Enliven a dark room: Place an antique mirror across from a window, bringing light into a dark space. 
  • Brighten up a dark hallway: Hang a set of antique mirrors (they don’t need to match) in a cluster or line down a dark hall. They’ll make the hallway feel wider and add style to an otherwise bland space.
  • Accentuate a room’s features: Hang an antique mirror over the fireplace, piano, media cabinet and/or dining room table, bringing attention to the features of the room. 
  • Bring attention to your antiques: Place an antique mirror at an oblique angle so that it reflects a favourite heirloom, spreading the style of your treasured pieces.
  • Create a unique backsplash: Want a different look for your kitchen? Skip the tiles. Use an antique mirror for a backsplash. 
  • Anchor a tableau: Use a lightly foxed antique mirror as the centrepiece of a tableau. Accent it with metal and brass items, using an overhead light to reflect the warmth. 
  • Use as artwork: The frames and mottling of antique mirrors are as pleasing as artwork, giving a room a focal point with character. Hang them as you would a painting. 

Antique mirrors bring style, flair and character to any room! Try them in the bedroom, bathroom, living room, hallway and kitchen. Use them to reflect beautiful décor items, to create displays, and to bring light to dark corners. Have fun incorporating antique mirrors into your design.  

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