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Curious About Where to Put a Mirror in your Bedroom?

You’ve found a beautiful mirror. You want to use it to bring a decorative touch to your bedroom and make the space more personal, but where should you place this practical and attractive decor item? The following are some ideas for the placement of large and small mirrors in your bedroom.

  • Above the bed: Placing a mirror above the headboard of your bed draws attention away from the walls and makes your sleeping area more attractive. Just make sure that it doesn’t reflect clutter in your room as this can create stress and tension. 
  • Close to the closet: Placing a mirror near your closet creates a dressing area, allowing you to check out your appearance as you select your daily outfit. 
  • In your walk-in closet: If you’re fortunate enough to have a walk-in closet, use some of the wall space for a luxurious mirror. Add an ottoman for extra storage and feel completely pampered.
  • Opposite a window: if your bedroom is small and/or dark, placing a mirror opposite the window reflects light into the room giving the illusion of space. Use an unframed mirror, It feels larger than a framed version and accentuates the feeling of spaciousness. 
  • Behind the door: If you’re short on space, position a full-length mirror behind the bedroom door. This keeps the room from feeling crowded while supplying you with assistance coordinating outfits.
  • On the door: Have limited floor space? Try a door-mounted mirror. Use hardware that rests on the top of the door.  
  • On a sliding closet door: Mirror-coated sliding closet doors give you a full-length view and save space at the same time. 
  • On an armoire: If your bedroom boasts an armoire (an ornate or antique movable cabinet/wardrobe), place a mirror on the inside of a door, on the side of the wardrobe or on the front. 

Places You Should Never Hang A Mirror In A Bedroom

Knowing some creative places to hang a mirror in the bedroom is a plus when decorating, but there are some areas where a mirror should never be placed!

  • Facing a blank wall: It may become boring if your mirror reflects a plain wall. Add a shelf or decor piece to break up the view.  
  • Facing the ensuite: It’s unpleasant to have your toilet or sink reflected each time you enter your bedroom!
  • Across from the bed: Placing a mirror so that it reflects the bed makes some people feel uncomfortable when relaxing or waking in the morning. Your bed is a place to unwind, and not feel distressed. 

There are a variety of different places you can hang a mirror in a bedroom. When deciding where to locate your looking glass, take into account how often the mirror will be used. Will you use it daily? Is it for decoration only? Still not sure where to locate it? A long free-standing mirror can be moved around until you decide where it works best. Just be sure your mirror doesn’t reflect a blank wall or a cluttered corner. 

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