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What is DFI Coating, and Where Do You Need It?

What is DFI Coating, and Where Do You Need It? - House of Mirrors - Mirrors and Glass Calgary

Glass is an ancient material. The history of glass making dates back at least 3600 years, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t continuing to learn new ways to improve and perfect the art of glass. At House of Mirrors, we strive to be leaders in the glass industry, which is why we always offer the best and latest technologies to our clients. One of these technologies is Diamond Fusion coating created by Diamon-Fusion International (DFI).


Diamon-Fusion Coating is a fully transparent, protective nano-coating that is optically invisible and transforms glass into a hydrophobic (water-repelling) surface. Ordinary glass, while smooth to the fingertip, has microscopic peaks and valleys all along the surface. Water molecules can use this abnormalities along the surface to cling to the glass, leaving minerals and soap scum behind.

Diamon-Fusion nano-coating fills these microscopic nooks and crannies with an ultra-thin, invisible barrier. With nothing to grab hold of, water forms perfect droplets that you can wipe away.

Save Time & Money with Diamon-Fusion.

We’ve found that one application of this easy-to-clean coating reducing cleaning time by up to 90%. Diamon-Fusion turns your glass into a perfectly smooth surface and provides the optimal defence against hard water and oil stains. Because there is nowhere for water to cling onto the glass, there is no longer anywhere for mineral build up or soap scum to collect, this greatly reduces how frequently you’ll have to scrub away gunk from your glass. It’s fast and easy to return you glass to a sleek, like-new state without the need of harsh cleaners.

At home or in your business, DFI coating lets you protect your investment and keep your glass looking truly beautiful. On glass showers, railings, backsplashes, and more, you’ll love the reduced cleaning time. DFI coating can be applied before and after installation, so you can benefit from Diamon-Fusion coating without replacing your glass surface.

Tired of cleaning your glass shower doors, scrubbing your glass backsplash, or polishing glass railings? DFI coating is the answer. Contact the friendly technicians at House of Mirrors today to learn more about how Diamon-Fusion coating can make your life easier.