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Trendy Spring Renovations

Trendy Spring Renovations - House of Mirrors and Glass - Mirrors and Glass Calgary

There’s just something about spring that gets Canadians in a renovating mood. Maybe it’s because the weather is finally warm enough that materials can be easily taken in and out without everyone freezing, or maybe it’s just that spring feels like the right time for a change. Regardless, if you’re planning some spring renos, here are some of the latest trends for 2019.


Boldly Patterned Backsplashes.

For a long while, simple monochromatic kitchens have been popular with Canadians, but designers and homeowners are finally getting a little bored of all the grey. If you’re hoping for more impact in your kitchen, we recommend going with a bolder colour choice. Glass backsplashes and glass countertops are a great way to add some pop or punch to any kitchen.


Sustainable, Handmade Pieces.

One of the reasons minimalism has been so trendy is a push back against waste and materialism with a tendency to choose more environmentally-friendly options. Sustainable materials like rice paper, clay, and bamboo have only become more popular over 2018 and 2019. These natural materials are used as grounding elements with in the home’s design. We’re nostalgic for simpler times and simpler materials, so metals, glass, wood, cotton, stone, etc help us to feel in touch with a more natural past.


There’s also been a big push for small-batch, sustainable, handcrafted pieces. Spanish architect and renowned designer Patricia Urquiola, for example, has created the collection Liquify, featuring beautiful tables made from tempered glass with irregular veins that echo stone. Her pieces are light, airy, and dynamic. The veins in the glass make the tables seem fluid and almost in motion.  


Renovations always pick up in spring, and it’s a pleasure to help designers and homeowners find just the right look. Lately, Calgary homeowners have a growing desire for airy, open spaces free of clutter. Glass architecture and art pieces are perfect for this less is more view that comes naturally to minimalist design. This style places the emphasis on quality over quantity and encourages homeowners to spend their money on getting the basic things — lighting, windows, mirrors —  right, rather than filling their space with mediocre artifacts.


Does your renovation require architectural glass? Are you looking for something special to feature as the focal point of your room? At House of Mirrors and Glass, we welcome you to reimagine your home. Our experts can craft custom pieces for your unique vision, or you can search through our showroom for inspiration! Come by today.