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5 Innovative Ways to Use Glass in Your Business Space

Ways to Use Glass in Your Business Space

Glass brings elegance, beauty and style to a commercial space. It can be fabricated into tabletops, shelves, display cases, doors, windows, storefronts, walls, railings, mirrors, countertops and backsplashes

Why use glass in the office?

There are a number of compelling reasons to incorporate glass into your office/business space.

  • Employee health and productivity: Improper lighting can lead to headaches, eyestrain, neck/back/shoulder pain, depression and reduced productivity. Proper lighting makes tasks easier and boosts your mood. Let natural light in with large windows, glass walls and glass doors. 
  • Aesthetics: Glass is sleek and elegant adding visual appeal to any office. Try glass elevators for an executive feel. 
  • Cost savings: Insulated glass not only looks great, but also saves on energy costs. 
  • Openness: A glass door is a welcome sign to others, making the occupant of an office visible and available. Glass walls create an open and spacious feel, making small offices seem larger. 
  • Noise reduction: Glass walls and doors allow an office to feel expansive while reducing noise transmission and keeping conversations private. 
  • Ease of maintenance: Goodbye to the need to sand, paint and refinish wooden walls and doors. Maintaining glass requires only a good glass cleaner and some time. Glass will look good for much longer than other material options. 
  • Flexible space: Operable glass wall designs allows for an adaptable environment. Spaces can be simply opened or closed as needed allowing you to change your office footprint easily. 
  • Promote teamwork: Encourage face-to-face interactions and create a feeling of camaraderie through the use of glass doors and walls. 

There are many benefits to using glass in the office!

How to incorporate glass into your business space:

There are many ways to use glass in the workplace. The following are some popular applications:

  • Glass partitions: Glass lets in light and brings nature into our spaces. This transparent material can transform a space, providing an airy modern feel. Custom glass partitions solve almost all open space problems and can be easily moved and/or removed when required. Instead of choosing expensive remodels, more and more business owners are looking at the advantages and benefits of using glass partitions in their spaces. Consider frosted glass partitions as they encourage collaboration while providing a clean, airy divider between workspaces. They create an ideal environment for focus, productivity and creativity. Glass partitions:

    • significantly reduce noise, disturbances and distractions 
    • allow employees to enjoy the natural light coming in through office windows
    • lower electricity costs for lighting 
    • foster communication, personal responsibility, and transparency and create an open and inclusive workspace
    • contribute to a sense of teamwork and unity rather than the feeling of isolation generated by many cubicle systems
    • make an area feel larger and more open
    • enable you to create new office layouts easily
    • lend an air of sophistication to your office interiors

  • Glass feature wall: Nothing brings the wow factor to your commercial property quite like a feature wall! It catches the eye and introduces uniqueness to your space. Consider the stunning beauty of a custom glass feature wall! Glass offers timeless beauty, a sophisticated aesthetic that brings your surroundings to life. The following are some ideas for creating stunning feature walls with custom glass.

    • Mirrored feature wall: A mirrored feature wall brightens a space and adds unique beauty to a room. Choose any shape you wish or cover the entire wall. Consider using frosted glass on the border for an extra burst of beauty. 
    • Printed feature wall: Thanks to modern glass printing technology, you can use digital printing to custom-design your glass feature wall. Incorporate stunning images, vibrant prints and colour! Use a high-resolution image of your choice and make a flawless, seamless wall of art!
    • Back-painted glass feature wall: Back-painted glass is a multi-purpose design option that can be made in virtually any colour and a variety of textures. Its glossy, reflective surface adds elegance and modern flair to any space. 
    • Glass block feature wall: Maintain privacy while letting light into your office through the use of a glass block feature wall. Curved, flat or rectangular sections of walls are possible. Try backlighting for a dramatic effect. Glass block comes in a variety of colours and designs to suit any style. Passive solar heat gain from glass walls can be helpful in sunny winter locations. Low maintenance and easy to clean, a custom glass block wall is an easy solution.  

  • Skylights: People and businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of living and working in touch and in harmony with nature. In response, commercial spaces are embracing design trends that bring the outdoors into the work environment. Skylights flood an atrium or entire office in light and enable indoor courtyards filled with plants. 

  • Glass writing surfaces: Available in virtually any colour, glass writing surfaces make collaboration easy and fun. Team members and clients write directly on the wall as they share ideas. Simply take a photo of the brainstorming session before wiping the surface clean. Your team benefits from both the near-limitless writing space to fuel creativity during the meeting and the digital photo record afterwards. No more scrambling to find hard-copy notes from a meeting held weeks ago.

  • Office art pieces: Use glass in your office to create stunning works of art.

    • Floor-to-ceiling wall cladding is a practical and aesthetic way to break up large plain walls and fill empty spaces in a lobby or other high-traffic areas of a commercial setting. Back-painted glass transforms cladding into a work of art, providing beauty and functionality for your office.
    • Conference room table tops made of back-painted glass are beautiful and functional, creating a work of art in an unexpected location. They’re also durable and low maintenance.
    • Glass wall panels or glass room dividers can be back-painted with company colours to provide office décor that enhances branding.

  • Other glass design options:

    • Glass films allow you to incorporate your company colours and logo making a blank glass office partition or wall a means to impact clients and employees. 
    • Abstract design can be incorporated adding visual stimulation and creativity to the office atmosphere.  
    • Business content (core values, brand focus, location map) can be displayed for all to see. 

Let your imagination soar! There are numerous ways to incorporate glass into your office space. 

Glass can be more than a utilitarian aspect of your office. It can be a decorative element. It’s sophisticated, stylish, trendy and chic and is more widely used in the interior of offices than ever before. It’s strong, easy to maintain, versatile and attractive. Turn your office into a work of art!  Bring pizzazz to your space with custom glass features

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