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Glass Cleaning and Maintenance for Long-lasting Shine

Glass Cleaning and Maintenance for Long-lasting Shine

You’ve installed glass cabinet doors in the kitchen, hung a reproduction vintage mirror in the dining room, put in a frameless glass shower door, surrounded your deck with glass railings, and installed a glass backsplash and/or a glass countertop. It looks and feels beautiful! But how do you keep all this exquisite glass clean and shiny? It can be a challenge to achieve streak-free glass in your home. The following are some tips for getting and keeping your glass surfaces sparkling clean.

  • Remove dirt from your glass with a hand broom or vacuum before cleaning. 
  • Avoid using ammonia or alcohol-based cleaners as they leave streaks and a thin film that attracts dust and moisture.
  • Since tap water can have dissolved minerals, use distilled water in your cleaning solution and for rinsing.
  • Use distilled white vinegar (non-toxic, antibacterial, economical) mixed 50/50 with warm distilled water and placed in a reusable spray bottle. It breaks down the streaky film that can accumulate. The smell will fade quickly!
  • Label the contents of your cleaner bottle.
  • Use a soft, lint-free cloth or newspaper, not paper towels as they leave linty streaks.
  • Spray the glass in small sections, moving from the top to the bottom so the cleaning solution drips into areas you haven’t washed.
  • Always rinse with clear distilled water to help remove any remaining cleaning solution.
  • Rub from multiple directions to help avoid streaking. Begin with circular motions. Then, use vertical and horizontal strokes.
  • Cotton swabs are ideal for cleaning those hard-to-reach spots of your glass. 
  • Finish the job with a quick buff using a clean, dry, lint-free cloth. 
  • For extremely grimy glass, prewash with soapy water, then go to the vinegar spray.
  • Never use a razor or any other kind of blade to scrape stuck-on materials as this can cause permanent scratches.

How can I make the shine last?

A quick wipe or swipe at a smudged or dirty area on your glass will not give you staying power. Glass cleaners that are ammonia or alcohol-based leave streaks and/or light films that attract dust, making frequent cleaning necessary. Properly cleaned glass stays clean longer. Follow the tips above to give your glass a thorough clean and you’ll find that it remains shiny for a long time. 

Don’t spend hours spraying and wiping to discover that your glass still looks streaky. Make the task simpler and have your shine last longer by following these tips for cleaning glass surfaces.

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