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Antique Mirrors

Antique Mirrors - House of Mirrors - Mirrors and Glass Calgary

Some of our favourite pieces to share with people that visit our showroom are our antique mirrors. These mirrors can shape the look of a blank space, or add the cherry on top to an accent-deprived room. Although they look like something you’d find in an antique shop, our mirrors are actually built at House of Mirrors, and are therefore highly customisable.

For an Antique Space our mirrors relive their imagined glory days, well-suited for a space inspired by 20s gold, victorian brass, or gothic black. If you need another piece to tie together your antique map with a minimalist bookshelf, antique mirrors fit the bill. When you have two opposing styles in a room, it can often be hard to make them look like they belong in the same space. It can create a look that clashes, like socks and sandals. But with an antique mirror, you can reflect existing style features, while bringing into focus another vintage object.

As an Accent Piece they can work beautifully as well. You don’t have to have a whole vintage home in order to make an antique mirror look well suited. It just has to be placed practically. In a minimalist home, place the mirror in a spot where you want people to look first when they enter a room. If it’s for a bathroom or entryway, try not to clutter up the surrounding space with vases or shelves. The decorative edges of an antique mirror will look odd next to them.

Mirror Placement: Like a photograph or painting, mirrors are best placed at eye level. Be sure to measure twice, ensuring your line is level and, if it’s a heavy mirror, that nails are placed on studs in the wall, and not on bare drywall. Our staff would be happy to guide the installation process for you to ensure it’s done correctly and safely.

Why not visit us this week and be inspired by some of the designs in our showroom? We are available for your perusal at our Calgary location F24, 5555 2nd St S.E. T2H 2W4. Hope to see you soon!