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Creating Our Creative Glass Installations

Creating Our Creative Glass Installations - House of Mirrors - Mirrors and Glass Calgary

A magician never reveals their secrets; lucky for you, at House of Mirrors, we consider ourselves to be a bit more like scientists than magicians. That’s because there’s a whole lot of technical skill and chemistry that goes into (or behind) our glass installations.

It’s More Than Merely Painted Glass:

For our back-painted glass, our experts apply a concoction of paint primer and catalyst to the underside of the glass. Patiently, they wait for each coat to dry before the next is applied. Typical back-painted glass consists of 3-5 coats. The reason it looks so untextured and even is because the paint is applied with a paint sprayer, so all you see is streak-free colour when you view it from the other side.

From There glass artists have found ways to create patterns in the paint. Some will use chemical reactions to create bubble or oil-swirl patterns on the underside of the glass. Others will take a more simple approach and create a pattern using multiple colours.

For Transparency’s Sake you may alternatively wish to choose an architectural patterned glass installation. If the area you wish to cover is not a kitchen or bathroom backsplash, it may be to your advantage to play with how the light from a window or lamp displaces throughout a room. For this reason, we would recommend an alternative design for a partition or discretionary wall.

No matter what your renovation needs or your heart desires, our lovely staff at our Calgary location are always happy to answer your questions, or give you a taster lesson in our varieties of glass and mirror décor. Visit us today at F#24, 5555 2nd St S.E, Calgary, AB T2H 2W4.