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Glass Railings and Partitions

Glass Railings and Partitions - House of Mirrors and Glass - Mirrors and Glass Calgary

Minimalist, open concept designs that allow light to move effortlessly to every corner of a living space are only becoming more popular. But it can be tough to meet the challenge of balancing fluid movement of light with the practical needs of a home. While the public spaces of the home, like the living room and kitchen, may be completely open. Other areas, such as offices, bedrooms, and washrooms, require privacy and barriers to noise and distractions. There is also the question as to how to let light flow from one story to the next. Of course, our favourite solution for meeting all these seemingly competing needs is using custom glass design.

Glass Railings bring a clean, modern look to any space. They easily facilitate the movement of light, while offering more security than a simple banister. For over 20 years, our team of experts have brought the elegance of glass railings into Calgary homes. Our experts use only the most precise equipment to ensure a perfect fit within your home, and our wide variety of glass railings and hardware styles guarantee that you will find the right aesthetic look. Durable, safe, and beautiful, it is one of our greatest pleasures to watch homeowners take delight in their new glass railing. To take a closer look at these glass masterpieces, we invite designers and homeowners to view samples and speak with our knowledgeable staff at our showroom today.

Glass Walls & Partitions can provide much needed privacy and sound-proofing without compromising open style living. Architectural glass comes in many patterns or textures, and we work with you to find the right aesthetic choice for your current — or future design. When used to create a quiet retreat, glass walls offer a distinct flare to a space. Home designers have the flexibility of utilizing either numerous or one thicker pane, in order to block sound while allowing light to continue to move unhindered throughout the home.

The friendly experts at House of Mirrors and Glass pride ourselves on offering designers and homeowners complete freedom when incorporating glass into their plans. We do not simply resell prefabricated glass pieces. Instead, we create custom glass for your project. As you envision complete walls of glass or smaller room-dividers, let your imagination consider any colour, shape, or texture. We can bring your unique dream to life.

Searching for inspiration or the perfect glass piece to complete your home? You’ve come to the right place! House of Mirrors and Glass offers Albertans one of the most luxurious showrooms in Western Canada. Fall in love with a beautiful piece and take it home immediately, or use something you find as simply the starting place for an entirely unique project — the choice is yours. We’re here to help.