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Bright Working Spaces for the Brightest Talent

Bright Working Spaces for the Brightest Talent - House of Mirrors - Mirrors and Glass Calgary - Featured Image

It’s amazing how fast January zipped by! It’s already February, and Calgary businesses are well into their 2020 fiscal year. As the February slump hits, it’s important for business owners to evaluate how they can keep their team on task and focused as well as how they can attract and retain the best talent available. One obvious place to start? Making the work space beautiful, comfortable, and pleasant to spend time in.


The average worker spends over a third of their waking-life at work. That’s a lot of time, so it’s not surprising that Canadians want to work in offices and commercial spaces that make them feel good. The brightest talent from around the world demand to have work habitats that are conducive to creativity, efficiency, team work, and more. To attract the brightest people, consider also making your workspace brighter. 


Use interior windows and transom (above doorway) windows to help move light from sunny areas into part of the office with less natural light. Mirrors can help double the perceived light in an area, and employees have been shown to be happier and more productive when their work space is sunny and well lit. This is even more important during the winter, when many Canadians suffer from SAD. To boost morale and productivity, consider how mirrors, windows, and architectural glass can be used to help bring the outdoors into your commercial space.


Another easy way to make your commercial space brighter and more stylish, is to use colour to bring some flair to your office. Back painted glass writing surfaces are one of the best ways to marry elegance and practicality. Available in virtually any colour, you’re able to choose glass in classic neutrals, funky brights, and anything in between. Use dry erase markers to collaborate and brainstorm during meetings. An office writing surface has never looked so chic.


We’re over a month into 2020, so it’s a great time to evaluate how your business’s goals are going. In February, many Canadians are feeling down and unmotivated. The long winter is setting into our bones, and there aren’t any important family holidays to look forward to. Changing up your office to brighten the mood (and the meeting room!) may be just the change your team needs. We can help.