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Closet Doors With Glass

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You may think of a closet as a storage receptacle and therefore only consider its capacity and organization. If you look beyond its function and consider its visual appeal, a closet becomes so much more. The doors you choose for your closet can make your space feel modern, stylish and luxurious or distinct and chic. By adding a bit of glass to your closet doors, you can change the aesthetic of a room. 

Glass closet doors

Custom glass closet doors provide an excellent addition to bedroom closets. They give a room space and elegance. If you’re an enthusiastic organizer with a well arranged closet, choose clear glass. If you’re messy and disorganized, hide the clutter with etched, patterned, smoked, frosted, tinted or milky glass panes. Choose glass sliding doors with two or three panels that slide horizontally. Consider hinged glass doors that open outward or in both directions. Double doors are great for large walk-in closet spaces and look good with a wood or metal frame. Elegant glass wardrobe doors go well with any décor. Best of all, glass doors are easy to clean and maintain.

Mirrored closet doors

Mirrored closet doors are a popular choice in closet design. They give your bedroom the feel of a fancy boutique or high-end clothing store! By placing a full length mirror on the front of your closet, you free up wall space for hangings, clocks, art and paintings while getting a full view of what you’re wearing. A  mirrored closet door makes a small, dim room feel larger and brighter by bouncing natural light around the space. Having a perfect copy of your room reflected in the mirrored doors creates visual balance. Mirrored doors come in a wide range of styles and personalisation options, as well as different sizes. Select from a number of edge profiles. The stylish nature of mirrored glass doors makes them useful for multiple areas of your home. 

Whether you like clear or mirrored glass, consider the elegance of glass for your wardrobe doors. Add light and style to your home!

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