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Architectural Glass

Architectural Glass Railing

Many homeowners don’t realize how many ways there are to add style and/or accents to a living space with architectural glass. This
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Frosted Glass

Frosted Glass Window

The Victorians knew what they were doing when they first made “French embossed” glass in delicate hues for the purpose of decorating
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How to Hang a Mirror

How to Hang a Mirror - House of Mirrors and Glass - Mirrors and Glass Shop - Featured Image

A well placed mirror is an effective way to transform a room, making your space feel brighter and larger. But hanging a
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Closet Doors With Glass

Closet Doors With Glass - House of Mirrors - Mirrors and Glass Shop - Featured Image

You may think of a closet as a storage receptacle and therefore only consider its capacity and organization. If you look beyond
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