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Consider Glass for Your Office

Consider Glass for Your Office - House of Mirrors - Mirrors and Glass Store - Featured Image

Your office reflects your company’s values, level of professionalism and personality. Office décor is one of the elements that contribute to this reflection. Why not incorporate glass in your office design?


Why use glass in the office?


  • Employee health and productivity: Improper lighting can lead to headache, eyestrain, neck/back/shoulder pain, depression and reduced productivity. Proper lighting makes tasks easier and boosts your mood. Let natural light in with large windows, glass walls and glass doors. 
  • Aesthetics: Glass is sleek and elegant adding visual appeal to any office. Try glass elevators for an executive feel. 
  • Cost savings: Insulated glass doors not only look great, but they also save on energy costs. 
  • Openness: A glass door is a welcome sign to others, making the occupant of an office visible and available. Glass walls create an open and spacious feel, making small offices seem larger. 
  • Noise reduction: Glass walls and doors allow an office to feel expansive while reducing noise transmission and keeping conversations private. 
  • Ease of maintenance: Goodbye to the need to sand, paint and refinish wooden walls and doors. Maintaining glass walls and doors requires only a good glass cleaner and some time. Glass will look good for much longer than other wall material options. 
  • Flexible space: Operable glass wall design allows for an adaptable environment. Spaces can be simply opened or closed as needed allowing you to change your office footprint easily. 
  • Promote teamwork: Encourage face to face interactions and create a feeling of camaraderie through the use of glass doors and walls. 



Other glass design options: 

  • Glass films allow you to incorporate your company colours and logo making a blank glass office partition or wall a means to impact clients and employees. 
  • Abstract design can be incorporated adding visual stimulation and creativity to the office atmosphere.  
  • Business content (core values, brand focus, location map) can be displayed for all to see. 


Add beauty, openness and flexibility to your office with glass walls and doors. Decrease noise, increase productivity and promote teamwork. Display your company’s values and personality. Consider glass for your office. 

Want a sophisticated feel in your office? Looking for flexibility of space usage? Wish to inspire, motivate and focus your employees?  Call Calgary’s premier glass and mirror company, House of Mirrors & Glass. Visit our showroom. Our knowledgeable and efficient team provides excellent customer service with a focus on custom design. Call (403) 253-3777 or email us at info@houseofmirrors.com. Let us know what you’re looking to achieve and our experts will assist you!