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Creating a Stunning Feature Wall With Custom Glass

Feature Wall With Custom Glass

Nothing brings the wow factor to your home or commercial property quite like a feature wall! It catches the eye and introduces uniqueness to your space. Have you ever considered the stunning beauty of a glass feature wall? Glass offers timeless beauty, a sophisticated aesthetic that brings your surroundings to life. The following are some ideas for creating stunning feature walls with custom glass.

  • Mirrored feature wall: A mirrored feature wall brightens a space and adds unique beauty to a room. Choose any shape you wish or cover the entire wall. Consider using frosted glass on the border for an extra burst of beauty. 
  • Printed feature wall: Thanks to modern glass printing technology, you can use digital printing to custom-design your glass feature wall. Incorporate stunning images, vibrant prints and colour! Use a high-resolution image of your choice and make a flawless, seamless wall of art! 
  • Back-painted glass feature wall: Back-painted glass is a multi-purpose design option that can be made in virtually any colour and a variety of textures. Its glossy, reflective surface adds elegance and modern flair to any space. Outline your fireplace or built-in shelving. Create a whiteboard in your child’s bedroom and let the self-expression begin! Make your kitchen wall a message board. Supply the chalk and pens and see what happens!
  • Glass block feature wall: Maintain privacy while letting the light into your bathroom, bedroom or office through the use of a glass block feature wall. Add a decorative touch to the garden, deck or patio. Curved, flat or rectangular sections of wall are possible. Try backlighting for dramatic effect. Glass block comes in a variety of colours and designs to suit any style. Passive solar heat gain from glass walls can be helpful in sunny winter locations. Low maintenance and easy to clean, a glass block wall is an easy solution. 

Glass can be more than a utilitarian aspect of your home. It can be a decorative element. It’s sophisticated, stylish, trendy and chic and is more widely used in the interior of homes than ever before. It’s strong, easy to maintain, versatile and attractive. Turn your wall into a piece of art!  Bring pizzaz to your home with a custom glass feature wall. 

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