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What Has Kept Us in the Business for 30 Years?

What Has Kept Us in the Business for 30 Years? - House of Mirrors - Mirrors and Glass Calgary

Back in 1987, we opened our showroom doors to designers and homeowners in Calgary. Thirty years later, the products may have changed and technology may have altered how we work, but our consistent dedication to helping professional home builders and new home-owners equally is what gives House of Mirrors a strong foundation!

Best Selection in Calgary

We pride ourselves on our rich collection of products spanning many styles and budgets. If only we could take all of the credit! Truly, we are very fortunate to have the best collaborators and material suppliers anyone could ask for. By making a commitment to use quality products for the homes of our clients, we have built strong connections with manufacturers that believe in satisfying their clients just as much as we do.

Your Background Doesn’t Matter When It Comes to Customer Service

Architect? Designer? First-time homeowner? It doesn’t matter! At House of Mirrors, we’re happy to help anyone embark on their first renovation project, just as much as we are pleased to offer seasoned builders with the type of products they’re looking for. If you’ve ever been to our showroom (if not, why haven’t you visited us yet?), you know that we love our work, and it shows! We approach every customer with the same excited attitude to share our craftsmanship.

You Can Count on Change

The most important thing we have learned is that adaptation is essential, just as it is unavoidable. Creating new products as technology advances keeps us on the cutting edge of home renovations, and it also inspires creativity when it comes to designing our own installations. For example, we now make high quality shower doors which barely ever need to be cleaned, or transform into a screen at the touch of a button.

We’d like to thank our Calgary community for keeping us in business for thirty years. If you haven’t yet visited or showroom, you’re in for a treat. Visit us at F#24 5555 2nd St. S.E.