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Introducing Our Prodim Software

Introducing Our Prodim Software - House of Mirrors - Mirrors and Glass Calgary

At House of Mirrors & Glass, we’re always looking for the best, new technologies for pushing the boundaries of our industry. One of the newest tools you’ll find our experts using is Prodim Software. We’re pretty excited about this software, so we’d like to take a quick moment to explain how we feel this investment will benefit our clients.


Incomparable Accuracy.

Like all reputable craftsmen, we pride ourselves on doing the job right — the first time. But measuring and shaping both flat glass constructions and (double) curved glass can be tricky depending on the complexity of the project. Prodim Software removes the potential for human error and lends incomparable accuracy to every project. We’re able to check and update the digital measurement both at House of Mirrors and on site at your home, ensuring every measurement and piece of glass is perfect.


Reduce Our Environmental Impact.

Previously, a simple mistake, like a wrong angle or measurement, could mean having to redo a large portion of a project. While our professionals were always careful and precise, we still inevitably lost time and glass to human error. Now, one of the things we love most about glass is that it has a minimal environmental impact and high potential for recycling, but reducing waste glass material in the first place is better than recycling the scrap. Prodim Software helps eliminate mistakes thanks to its ability to quickly generate complex templates. Less wasted glass is better for the environment, and since we use less material, we can pass those savings onto our customers.


Faster Turn Around.

Thanks to Prodim producing highly accurate templates quickly, we’ve been able to further streamline production. This means we’re able to complete projects faster, which is great news for everyone!


We’re really excited by the potential Prodim Software brings our team. We’re certain that in the future, it’ll be an indispensable tool for completing beautiful glass work faster than ever. Whether you’re imagining a unique piece of custom glass artwork, an architectural glass renovation, or something simple and minimalist, we’re here to craft the glass you need for your project. Call House of Mirrors today or come into our showroom and see what we have in store for you!