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Why Choose Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Why Choose Frameless Glass Shower Doors - House of Mirrors and Glass - Mirrors and Glass Store - Featured Image

Your bathroom gets more use than any other room in your home. It’s no wonder that bathroom renovations are one of the most popular home improvement projects. A few simple changes can transform a bathroom from boring to luxurious, from bland to glamorous, from dull to sleek and elegant. One of the most popular bathroom renovations is the addition of frameless glass shower doors.

What’s a frameless glass shower door

A frameless shower enclosure is made of tempered, polished, safety glass (⅜ to ½ inch thick) and doesn’t require the support of metal around its exterior edges. Clips, hinges and door pulls are set into the glass and caulked at the edges and corners with silicone. A rubber sweep is installed at the base to keep water in the shower enclosure. Frameless glass shower doors blend seamlessly with any decor providing a clean, modern feel, free of obstructions. 

Homeowners choose frameless glass shower doors because:

    • they’re available in a variety of design options: You can select from many styles, sizes and configurations. Add metal hinges or handles if you wish. 
    • they can be customized: You’re not limited to standard size shower doors allowing you freedom when designing your bathroom. The frameless glass shower door is versatile and can be sized to fit your needs. 
    • they’re beautiful: The absence of a heavy frame and gasketing gives you a clean fresh minimalist look and a sleek modern aesthetic. 
    • they last much longer: These functional, durable shower doors last from 20 to 30 years.
    • they offer a wide range of motion: A frameless pivot shower door can swing both outward and inward. 
    • they make the space feel bigger: The transparent glass panels create an open, airy feel that makes your bathroom seem larger.
    • they’re easy to maintain: With only glass and minimal perimeter support, your shower can be easily cleaned with a rubber squeegee. 
    • they’re mould and mildew resistant: With no metal frame and minimal hardware, frameless doors do not collect water-reducing mould and mildew problems. There’s also less risk of corrosion. 
    • they highlight design features: Frameless shower doors draw attention to beautiful stonework, intricate tile design and/or gleaming hardware that shower curtains hide. 
    • they increase property values:  Luxurious and modern, frameless glass shower doors are an upgrade that boosts your property’s selling potential.
    • they’re timeless: Some renovation projects quickly become outdated. Frameless shower doors have a timeless quality that complements any decorating style.





If you’re building new or planning a bathroom renovation, consider frameless glass shower doors. Boasting durability, longevity and minimal cleaning requirements, these sleek modern doors can be made to fit and accent any space. Contact your local glass glazier for help with design, colour choice and installation. 

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